Augus for Marcus

Friday August 15, 2014

I decided we should go out and support One Love Café at this particular jam, they had one every Friday but this one was celebrating Marcus Garvey’s Birthday which was coming up on the 17th. They had poets, a dancer, different singing acts and a special performance by Keznamdi. Lexxi and I went to support (plus Chippy plays percussions for Kez.)

We bucked up Cespo and Meikle there too which made the night even better, the more the merrier. Then my friend Denni decided to come, the jokes were non-stop 🙂

Keznamdi ❤
I got a pic with Kez 🙂
Lexxi & I 🙂
Denni 🙂

IMG_5508 IMG_5509 IMG_5510

I enjoyed the show, and love the vibes my friends bring! Big up Lexxi, Chippy, Denni, Cespo & Meikle.



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