Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday!

So I decided to try out this blog event by Nerd in the Brain. What you do is make a post each Thursday (or on the Thursdays that you feel like it) sharing three things from the previous week that made you smile or laugh or appreciate the awesome of your life.

Three things that made me laugh, smile & appreciate my life 😀 this week are:

  1. I got to hang out with my best friend, Davia, on Saturday. We went to the Japanese Calendar Exhibition.
  2. I went to the No-Maddz album launch on Tuesday night with Cespo & Jovan (jokers!! 😀 )and I bought an album too. (Look out for my post about this tomorrow 🙂 )
  3. Grandma made me scrambled eggs and slices of fried breadfruit for breakfast on Wednesday and it was really yummy, Thanks Grams! 




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