You’re Invited…. to be HAPPY!

wow *clicks link to see what this is about* I love being happy :3



Starting March 17, 2015 Pharrell Williams invites you to join him, Google and the United Nations Foundation to celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness on Friday, March 20, 2015. The day is focused on raising youth awareness of climate change.

“In a year where there is so much turmoil in the world, from social conflict to climate change, we need moments to stop and celebrate happiness. Protecting our planet is fundamental to the pursuit of human happiness and that is why we have chosen to support Live Earth’s movement to raise a billion voices for climate action. We believe that happiness can change the world.”
-Pharrell Williams

You can join the party by going to, uploading your four pics and create your happy dance video. When you’re done you can sign the Live Earth Petition in support of climate change awareness.

A Happy Planet =…

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