50 Word Story: April


In our bundle, we held the left corner, facing the stage. Excitement flowing from our chatter. The music started with just a bass line, the drums rolled in, followed by strumming keys, and the guitar. As the music sped up so did our bodies and feet, we are the Armshouse Crew.

Almshouse is translated to Armshouse in Patois, which means foolishness.

For April’s 50 Word Story I picked the prompt Foolish 🙂


3 thoughts on “50 Word Story: April

  1. This made me laugh! I love the story. Thank you for participating in the 50-word Story Challenge. I included your story in the April 2015 Round-up. I am sorry it took so long. I lost my poodle, Merlin, and it made it hard to work on my blog. I am back now!

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