Nadia Harris McAnuff

I first heard Nadia at RedBones Blues Café for one of the nights of KOTE (Kingston on the Edge Urban Art Festival) her sound was different but it had a nice vibe, different as in unique but I was expecting reggae and this songstress belted a jazzy vibe with a mix of dub… and I loved it!

The second time was when I went to a Sankofa Session, I saw her on the flyer and me and my best friend decided we had to go see her perform again 🙂 It was definitely worth it, plus I got Miss Joy’s homemade juice again!

The third time was almost as great as the first, she performed at the I-Revolt concert about 2 weeks ago and I must say it was amazing, the band was so on point plus the veteran trumpet player made her set sound just like the recorded song. I like her sound, a lot, she’s one to look out for.

Take a listen to her song I like on Soundcloud “She Really Likes It” Now that you’ve had a taste go support! Purchase Agape Featuring Nadia Harris the EP on iTunes. Also check out her Facebook page, Agape Featuring Nadia Harris.

Look out for my post about I-Revolt 🙂

Featured image from Dash Productions.


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