I'm Jamaican

So I was checking my email this morning and saw a prompt from The Daily Post titled Non-Regional Diction, and I had to join in on the fun!

“Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.”

Suh before mi start write da post yah, mi pree weh some a di other people dem post, an mi seh, I couldn’t pick up some a di accent dem, probably ‘cah a thru text but dem did juss look like Standard English to me, well wid some slang drop in deh. I saw one from Making It Write an Jah know I was like bomboclaat. I neva see notin like dat inna mi life. Mi woulda love fi hear that out loud tho. Pon a real tho, this is eye-opening cause mi did think a Jamaican Patois alone people cya understan but I see some a dem post yah an it full a so much slang I can hear di accent jumping thru mi screen. By the way, mi cya understan none a di slang dem weh did a jump thru mi screen dwl! Again mi affi tell unnu this is for di English Dialect dem, mi deven ago talk bout di one dem inna di completely different language dem cause mi buck a Filipino post an mi juss tun back same time dwl!

A next ting to, mi nuh come from  nuh rural part a Jamaica, mi come from Kingston zeen? Suh mi nuh chat Patois as much as a next person, maybe is cause me nuh live inna one Ghetto, or maybe is cause me haffi talk ‘Standard’ English everyday at work but my post weh yuh juss read a nuh full fledge Jamaican Creole cause mi will drop een likkle propa English throughout, yuh zimmie?

Hehe! I hope you tried to read that out loud! Here’s the English translation:

So before I started writing this post, I looked at what some of the other people posted, and honestly, I couldn’t pick up some of the accents, probably because it was through text but they just looked like Standard English to me, well with some slangs dashed in. I saw one from Making It Write and Jah know I was like [expletive.] I never saw anything like that in my life. I would love to hear that out loud. For real though, this is eye-opening because I thought it was only Jamaican Patois people don’t understand but I saw some posts where it was full of so much slang I could hear the accent jumping through my screen. By the way, I couldn’t understand any of the slang that was jumping through my screen dwl! (dead/dying with laughter.) Again I have to tell you guys this is for the English Dialects, I’m not even going to talk about the ones in a different language completely because I saw a Filipino post and left same time dwl!

A next thing too, I’m not from a rural part of Jamaica, I’m from Kingston, yea? So I don’t speak Patois as much as a next person, maybe it’s because I don’t live in a Ghetto, or maybe it’s because I have to speak ‘Standard’ English at work everyday but my post that you just read isn’t full fledged Jamaican Creole because I will slip in a little proper English throughout, you get me?

Featured image by Randy Richards.


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  1. Yer, ‘ow be’e?
    Or to put it another way, “Here,how are you?” that’s a Devonian gretting for Hello, but as said in my post, nobody uses the Devon dialect these days.
    I love your post. One of the differences between Jamaican and Devonian dialects is that Jamaican sounds beautiful when spoken – and that comes across when it is written, whereas Devonian is kind of ugly, but I like it anyway. Another difference is that Devon-speak is lazy. Vowels aren’t important and even consonants get swapped over or left out.
    Thanks for including the link.

    • Thank you, I liked your post as well 🙂 I don’t think the Devon dialect is ugly actually, it looks like it would sound exotic, or maybe it’s because I’m used to missing letters in our Patois lol 🙂

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