Chilitos Jamexican Food!


Chilitos provides Mexican food with a Jamaican twist, hence the name Chilitos Jamexican. I’ve had various encounters with Chilitos but I finally went there to sit down and have a meal, they’re located at 64 Hope Road.

They’re open on Mondays to Saturdays from 11am-11pm, and of those days they have 3 specials: Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Fiesta Fridays. On Margarita Mondays, purchase margaritas for just $200JMD each, while the Giant Beerita is $1,200JMD (sharable for 3-4 friends.) On Taco Tuesdays, tacos are $200JMD each, Cash only. Fiesta Fridays is for partying or just ‘Chilling’ with their drink specials.


This week my best friend, Gabby, and I went there for Taco Tuesday. We ordered five tacos each and the healthy choice of bottled water as our drink. I was surprised that the food was prepared so quickly, by the time we finished ordering and took a seat at one of the picnic tables in the outdoor dining area the food was placed in front of us, no less than 5 mins later.


I had four grilled chicken tacos and a pulled pork taco (Shhhhh! Don’t sell me out to my Rasta friends x_x ) and Gabby had four pulled pork and one chicken, we mixed them between hard and soft shells. To be honest I only eat pork if it is prepared a certain way, I’m picky with my food but I like to try new things as well, so I had it. Jah know, the pork taco tasted better than the chicken, I’ve come to learn that it’s Jamaican Copperwood Pork…And it was delicious!

I could have traded with Gabby for another pork one if I wanted but I guess my conscience caught up with me 😛 Along with the tacos we got one container of sour cream and three different sauces, Mi nah go lie I only remember the name of one, pico de gallo, which was chopped up tomatoes with ‘herbs and spices’, another one was a spicy sauce that resembled ketchup (I liked it especially,) and the last one was a grilled tomato sauce.


All in all I will definitely be going back, the tacos were yummy, plus I like their décor


For more info check them out on Facebook: Chilitos Jamexican.

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