Susumba is a small green bean also known as “Gully Bean” in Jamaica. In high school I learned of the spiritual powers of the Gully Bean so I’ve never ate it, then again I’m picky with food, and it’s bitter; my Grandma would cook it down with saltfish (codfish) and boiled foods, (dumpling, green banana, yam) for my Grandpa but I’m not talking about the plant now, I’m talking about This website offers articles about the arts and culture in the Caribbean. They bring us a variety of posts such as: news on art, reviews, interviews, videos and features about music, publishing, film, television, visual arts, theatre arts, and fashion.

Today I’m telling you especially about “Susumba’s Book Bag” which is their quarterly digital literary magazine. “Susumba’s Book Bag is dedicated to showcasing writing of the highest grade from new, emerging and established Caribbean writers at home an in the Diaspora. The digital magazine is an offshoot of the Caribbean arts and entertainment online magazine ” Quote directly taken from the website.

Cover of Issue 6.

I bucked on it one day while checking out the site, and I entered my flash fiction piece “Heart Of Gold” it was selected and I was pleased to find out I was in Issue 6, which was posted on my birthday, December 22nd. Check it out at the link below.

Susumba’s Book Bag – Issue 6

Featured image from Susumba’s Facebook page.




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