Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today imma talk about the featured image, #BigUpEveryCountryMan, my friend, Nich went to “Country” in December, Country being any rural area that typically takes about an hour or more to reach from Kingston. He picked some carrots on his family farm, and like a real Kingstonian who has never dug up ground provision, I was like whoa :O he picked carrots… like digging up ground provision is different from just getting a stick and picking a fruit off a tree, it’s even different from climbing said tree and picking the fruit with your own hands. That’s like some real deal farming dwl!

I’m not an idiot I promise, some people scorn “Country People” because they’re from rural areas, but I’m sure if we had a taste of the sweet life of actual fresh air and eating plants grown on our farm, we wouldn’t see the big deal. So what if they live in a board house, so what if their Patois is hard to understand most times, discrimination shouldn’t be the answer. We haffi appreciate the fact that they, farmers that is, can pick their produce and eat. N.B. not everyone that lives in Country has a farm.

What’s my point of this little story and rambling? Go do something you’ve never done before!

Take a trip, experience life from another person’s perspective.


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