The Late Night Par

The Late Night Par is a Jamaican podcast hosted by four young adults- Kangwa Sambo, Mumba Sambo, Rushell Ferarah, and Yannick Reid. They share their perspectives on current affairs and culture, while featuring special guests from time to time, along with giveaways.

Visit their blog for a run through of the episodes’ topics:

or listen directly from Soundcloud:

The Late Night Par

I like the podcast because everyone has a unique perspective, and they are hilarious. I get a good laugh from every episode. I especially like to listen to the podcasts while I’m at work, the only downside is when I wanna tweet my thoughts I gotta jump on Twitter real quick, then go back to work. You know seh I had to big them up cause I won a copy of Protoje’s “Ancient Future” from them dwl! I wasn’t trying since I already had it but I accepted and gave it to my friend, Denni.

Season 1:

Look out for the ❤ Valentine’s Day ❤ Late Night Par and remember to use the hashtag #TheLateNightPar when you listen and tweet your thoughts.

Check them out on social media:

Twitter: @LateNightPar

Instagram: @TheLateNightPar

Featured image from The Late Night Par.



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