Expression Wednesdays

Hey Everybody 🙂

Today’s Expression Wednesday is the 4/20 edition. It is for all the Marijuana smokers, drinkers, steamers, and eaters. Let’s celebrate the herb for all it can do for humanity.

♫♫ My herb medicinal, smoking ain’t my hobby, you drink coffee, I & I smoke collie ♫♫ -“Gimmie Likkle” X Jesse Royal

Today Blvk H3ro, pronounced black hero, released his EP which he calls a “WeedP” titled, “The H3rb Connoisseur” a.k.a. “THC” it is all about celebrating and appreciating herb. Take a listen, maybe you can vibe to it today and partake in the festivities. I have a few faves on the WeedP already 🙂

Also you can look out for activities at Nanook all day, the first set of activities begin at 12pm and end at 4:20pm. Where there will be goodies on sale, special performances, Yoga, discussions about Marijuana and the different uses of the plant, the premiere of the music video of Blvk H3ro’s song “Herb” and that’s all before 4:20. Dubwise Jamaica will be taking place at 8pm, #GetThere.

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