Expression Wednesdays

I have bad news everyone; with Jamaicans across the island pondering whether to roast or fry breadfruit, I fear we will soon come to an end, as a nation. The sun is so hot, persons are melting at a rapid pace, everyday. With hot heads roaming the streets and the high levels of hype gas, one day the sun and the gas will cause the island to combust. And we’re not even in June…Will Jamaicans make it to summer?

For real though, it’s been so hot lately, fans on high, A/C’s on low, using umbrellas during the day to shield your face from burning. The sun has been feeling too real. I have decided to keep any outdoor activities before 6pm at a minimum. Have you started feeling any summer vibes?

Today I want to big up Dancehall! Listen these two dancing songs below:

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