Upcoming Events

I always say it and I don’t know if you believe me or not but there’s always something to do in Jamaica. Obviously some weeks will have more events than others but I decided to drop some events that are happening this week in a nice little post for you all. I’m on a study lock down and shouldn’t be going out, though I wah make it to Spades on Thursday. Well, below is the list of events and they’re all reasonably priced, so go out and enjoy yourselves!

Tuesday: (Today)

Sankofa Sessions: World music, like music, poetry and live art.

Leveling up of the mind, discussion on the topic of “Out Of Many One People” and performance by Kelissa.


Dubbing never gets old, roots rock reggae music with live performances or guest selectors.


Love, Light and Fire: A concert full of soulful ladies.

Let Reuben Live: The album launch.


The Calabash Festival is an international literary festival, and this year it’s being kept in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Click here for the weekend’s schedule.


A concert featuring one of Jamaica’s legendary guitarists.

Calabash Festival cont’d.


Calabash Festival final day.

That’s all I have for this week 🙂



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