Expression Wednesday

As Protoje said, “Royalty is free” and as such we were gifted with an album titled, Royalty Free. He blessed us with new music on his Birthday, Tuesday June 14, 2016. This was highly anticipated since he told us the good news the previous Friday, following the drop of two new songs that week. “Can’t Feel No Way” and “Glad You’re Home” were blazing their way through the hearts of many; “Can’t Feel No Way” was also added to Fyah 105 FM’s rotation (a Jamaican Radio Station).

Protoje expressed that he has always wanted to make and release a free album, so that music lovers could share it among each other, easily and legally. Royalty Free is available for download on or to stream on Soundcloud, with just 5 songs and labeled as “Side B” here is the track list.


You guys know I have to tell you my thoughts on the album 🙂 I love the whole project, it’s an album that no song can be skipped, so far. My favourite song off the album is “Used To Be My Life” (it jus sweet mi) it just pulls at my heart strings, the guitar, the smoothness of the riddim, the lyrics that give you a look at Oje, not Protoje. I can’t even tell you what exactly it is but I have this song on repeat. “Can’t Feel No Way” is my next fave, as well as “Flight Plan,” I can appreciate the lyrics in “Sandra Foster” but it just doesn’t pull me. I rate the lyrics in “Glad You’re Home” as well but it’s not at the top of my list. Overall it’s a good album and it looks like it’s gonna be a hit for the summer.


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