One One Coco

Hi everyone!

I’m introducing a new feature to my blog titled “One Coco” which was inspired by the Jamaican Proverb “One, one coco full basket.” It simply means success cannot be achieved over night, work on it, little by little to achieve your goal. This feature will show my effort to support the (informal) #BuyJamaicanBuildJamaica initiative, which is supporting Jamaican brands and businesses, and in doing that building Jamaica.

I have a list of Jamaican brands that I’m going through, little by little, hence the name of the feature “One Coco,” and as I support a brand I plan to make a post showing you what I purchased but for this introduction I’ll simply be making a wish list.

These are the items I plan to buy before the end of 2016:

  1. Bridget’s Sandals: BridgetsKay I want the style Kay, I’m not sure what colour as yet, it’s $110 USD.
  2. Irie Erie: IrieErieFendi A Fendi style bikini in this same colour, it is $4,500 JMD.
  3. Crotchet Eye Candy:
    Crochet Eye Candy's CEO modelling the top.
    Crochet Eye Candy’s CEO models the top.

    A Caramel Crop Top, I want it in red, and it’s $4,200 JMD.

  4. Jae Jolly: JaeJolly Turban - Tidal_edited A Turban in the colour Tidal, it’s just $21 USD.
  5. Xperience Clothing: XperiencePolo I’m not sure what I’m gonna buy from them yet but I like their women’s Polo Shirt, the design is unique, it runs for $3,500 JMD.

That list has just 5 items I plan to get this year; on my full list of brands I’ve already crossed some things off but I need to make the posts for you, so look out for that.

Product images from their respective Instagram pages, as linked in brand names.


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