One Coco

Siwatu Jewelry

This Coco consists of old purchases but I had to show you these, when Siwatu just opened I purchased that swirly copper ring, and the one with the rose looking embellishment was a birthday gift I got after. The thing I love about copper is that the more you wear it, and continuously wash your hands with the ring on it will keep the tarnish away.

The next purchase was a bracelet for my mom, I got it for her birthday, with green beads because it’s her favourite colour 🙂

This ring wasn’t a purchase; when they introduced their silver jewelry line they had a give away on Instagram, I was one of the winners.

Follow and take a look at what Siwatu has to offer on their social media, Instagram: @SiwatuJewelry Facebook: Siwatu Jewelry and visit to make your purchase. International shipping available!



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