Breast Cancer Awareness

As you all should know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today I’ll be doing a throwback, to a post about Breast Cancer that I really loved, it is from October 2015. “Breast Cancer Awareness” by Jik-Reuben, take a look here.

A small excerpt: “The symbol on her forehead is an African Adinkra symbol which represents “Adaptability.” Being able to bounce back from any form of cancer isn’t an easy feat, and for women bouncing back from breast cancer most times is very difficult…”

Jik-Reuben, Breast Cancer Awareness, in Jamaica, Jamaican Photographer, 876Lover

Now go read the blog post! Tomorrow is Mammography Day, so all my ladies who are of age and haven’t done that test as yet, the sooner you do your first test, the better. For those who are due another mammogram, don’t put it off, you need to keep your health status in check. Learn more about Breast Cancer, and how to spot signs on Jamaica Cancer Society’s website, here.

If you would like to support a great cause, you may purchase the “Mar Mar Bar” from The Sud-Bar, all proceeds from the sale of this soap goes toward funding Breast Cancer education initiatives in urban communities. It is available in pharmacies island wide as well as the Sud-Bar website, here.



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