Upcoming Events

Hello loves 🙂 Our favourite part of the week is here again, the weekend! Though it’s gonna be a rainy one here in Jamaica, I have a few events for you that will be going on this weekend. It’s quite a lot of shopping! We’re not having Black Friday  but it seems we’re excited for Christmas, take a look.


Bookophilia is having their music hang-out.

Bookophilia, Music, hang-out, 876Lover, in Jamaica,
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information presents, Elevate, the first annual Youth Festival.

876Lover, in Jamaica, Elevate, youth festival, ministry of education youth and information,

Kumea’s “This Little Light of Mine” Pop Up Shop, is being put on by Kumea’s Hair Perpective, at the Old UWI Library from 3-6pm.

876Lover, in Jamaica, Kumea's hair perspective, pop-up shop, natural hair, natural, Jamaican brands,


A Jamaican made Christmas! A pop-up shop I’ve come to look forward to the past two years. One space, many exhibitions, all Jamaican made brands.

876Lover, in Jamaica, a Jamaican made Christmas, 2016
Bookophilia presents their pop-up shop called, Book & Art Market.

876Lover, in Jamaica, bookophilia, book & art market, pop-up shop,
Market at the Lawn is another pop-up shop I’ve enjoyed in the past, there are a wide variety of stores to choose from.

876Lover, in Jamaica, pop-up shop, Devon house, market at the lawn,

A Jamaican made Christmas cont’d.



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