One Coco: Ravishing Botanics

Last week Sunday was an event I look forward to annually, A Jamaican Made Christmas 🙂 It’s a pop-up shop before the Christmas season, which features Jamaican brands. This year I actually didn’t do much shopping but I grabbed a bunch of business cards and had a nice time. There I saw Ravishing Botanics for the first time, they make soaps and skin care products out of natural ingredients; that aside they have soaps shaped like desserts (which I found really cute.) I bought a little donut shaped soap in the scent, Spicy Vanilla Fusion, I was actually intrigued by the cupcake shaped soaps but I loved the scent of this one, so I got it.

Ravishing Botanics, Soap, Spicy Vanilla, 876Lover, Jamaica,ravishcoco1

I haven’t used it yet… I plan to eventually but for right now, it’s in one of my clothes drawers keeping it smelling yummy.

Find Ravishing Botanics on Facebook and Instagram.



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