For your 2017…

2016 was an…. interesting year. From the craziness of the Jamaican and American elections to the ever changing landscape of Jamaican culture and Reggae, it was a year filled with ups and downs with far more downs but thats all in the past.

For 2017, we have been given a fresh new book with 365 days to write a brand new chapter in our lives or maybe continue our story of achieving goals set from last year or the year before. Persons often say that a new year is just another day and therefore nothing will change. These persons may try to get in your way and get you down because remember, just because you plan on changing doesn’t mean other persons will also. Do not let them stop you but instead use the stones they throw at you to build your foundation and keep moving forward.

GO! Start that business! Plan that trip! Start your singing career! Every day is a new opportunity to write a new sentence in this chapter of your life, the only question is: what will you write today? Please share with us!


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