Expression Wednesdays: Reggae Mecca

Hi Everyone 🙂

In Jamaica, February is Reggae Month, and so today my second favourite month begins; also today is the Birthday of a legendary Reggae icon, Dennis Emmanuel Brown. The theme for Reggae Month 2017 is “Reggae Mecca.”

Reggae Month, the celebration of not just a genre but a culture, I look forward to February every year for the festivities, the liveliness, and the free concerts. Some key Reggae Month activities are the Reggae Wednesday concerts at Mandela Park in Half Way Tree, Kingston, the first one is tonight. As well as JaRIA’s Reggae Open University sittings, every week, where topics relating to Reggae music and the industry are discussed by a panel of qualified persons. Apart from those, the Reggae month calendar will show you most of this month’s activities. Come out to the concert tonight! The theme is “Di Root.”

We celebrate you Dennis, thank you for the great music, to us you still live on. Take a listen, and enjoy because I ended up making a small playlist 🙂



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