In The Blessed Indies

This is the week following Jamaica’s Independence Day so I had to share this song with you. It’s no Natural Mystic but they share a host of gems about Jamaica, as well as giving shout outs to the other Caribbean Islands. Kione does a short intro followed by Jeeby Lyricist rapping about the niceness that makes up our homeland, Jamaica, he displays a catalog of things we’re to be grateful for. The usual playfulness of BLVK H3RO in his flows finished the song perfectly, and we cyaan (can’t) complain about his sweet voice.

This banger was produced by Wavy Jones, it’s a little over 2 minutes of pure vibes. It had me rocking all the way through, even though I haven’t learnt all the lyrics just yet. Giving praises where they’re due, the artwork is by Monique Kidd. Take a listen to Blessed Indies.





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