Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

I’m convinced good things happen on Wednesdays, that’s why I chose today to share art with you through Expression Wednesdays. If the song I’m sharing today doesn’t hype you up for your future, then it look well dark fi you. Firstly I have to big up the producers, cause the riddim neat, as well as Khari Kamau for the interesting cover art. In Destiny Leno Banton chants about putting faith in Jah Jah to ensure you reach your destiny. The one called JoeDon is featured on this track, he raps about putting up a fight for his future. This song is for the days you feel like life is fighting against your goals, take a listen to Destiny.

“Seh Jah Jah eva tek di wheel fi mi
Providing mi everything mi need
So mi can reach my destiny”





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