Upcoming Events!

You know what time it is! Time to check the 876Lover event listing. This weekend actually has more events than last week…they just keep popping up. There will be a concert, and tons of pop-up shops, this weekend might be the best one to get your Christmas shopping done. Explore the vast numbers of Jamaican brands! Cop a birthday gift for me *wink* Have fun!


After Dark Pop-Up Shop

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Tessellated & Friends Live (Concert)

Concert, tessellated and friends, pine and ginger, music,, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Sanaa Studios Art Bazaar [2 days]

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover, sanaa studios,

Rastafari Rootz Fest [3 days]

Ganja cup


New Wave Celebrity Closet (thrift shop and pop-up shops) 10am-4pm

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,new wave, celebrity closet, thrift shop,

Wickie Wackie Music Festival [new date]

Wickie Wackie music festival, 2017, reggae,on the beach, in Jamaica, 876Lover,new date

Sip n’ Shop Henna Pop-Up

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover, ja'henna, henna tattoo,

Jamaican Potters Annual Art and Craft Fair [2 days]

Potters arts and craft fair

Latin Dancing [Every Saturday in December]

Regency Latin night


Feeding of the 5000

feeding of the 5000, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Sweet Thorns Book Launch

book launch, tara-elizabeth downs, bookman express, sweet thorns, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Market at the Lawn (Pop-up shops)

Shopping,pop up shop, Jamaican brands, crhistmas shopping, at Devon House, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

True Shelf Pop-Up Shop

True Shelf Pop up shop

Kingston Dub Club

Dub Club, Kingston Dub Club, 876Lover, in Jamaica,


Bae Vibes

Bae Vibes Dec 18

Forbidden Fruit, the Reggae Musical (NEW date, NEW venue)

Forbidden Fruit, Reggae musical, Fi Wi Jamaica, Michael Holgate, new date, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

Do Enjoy!



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