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Hi Everyone!

Today we have “Potential” by Jeeby Lyricist, the first single from his forthcoming EP. The track was mastered by Damitjon and produced by Shawn Smith. It has a Neo Soul feel to it, Jeeby poetically recites the lyrics over a hip-hop rhythm. He starts off with the line, “Have you ever been afraid of your potential?” and follows up urging you to chase your dreams. The verses are filled with motivation, pushing you to put your goals first, and ensure you protect yourself, mentally and emotionally.

In telling his own story, Jeeby provides his lyrics as a guide for us to do the same, and follow our dreams.

The artwork was done by Abigail Titus, @Tinysunthing on Instagram. Take a listen to “Potential” by Jeeby Lyricist, tell me what you think in the comments below.

“Make sure all your actions reflect the things you talk”


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