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Hi Everyone!

Today we have “Kaught Up” by Kabaka Pyramid. This is the third single from his forthcoming debut album, Kontraband. No but… this song makes me want someone to sing to me though, or rap… I ain’t mind. Kabaka sings and also raps to his lover, telling her how she’s tied him, she has him Kaught Up in the moment. Here we see the usual style of our favourite wordsmith, sweet wordplay riding the riddim immaculately.

The artwork is by Paige (@PaigeZxmbie) and the animation is by Dezignr Studios (@dezignrstudios). Take a listen to Kaught Up!

“I call this living in the moment, stars are aligned, imma listen to the omen.

I’m having visions of you holding me, so can you notice please, you got me caught up in the moment.”


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