Brewing: My Likkle Tea Addiction

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I’ve always loved tea but I’d stick to what I know, I wouldn’t really experiment past my household staples: Red Rose (black tea) with sugar, creamer and cinnamon or mint tea… One day I considered the amount of sugar I was having in tea, and that was definitely not the picture of health I wanted. So I started switching it up, I’d get green tea, peppermint, and ginger-mint teabags. These were lighter so I figured one spoon of sugar could do. That didn’t work, I couldn’t taste the sugar so I decided to not use any. And scene! That was a snapshot of me growing up. Currently, I drink ginger-lemon or lemongrass tea sugar-less in the mornings.

Then came corona and along with it, two hot updates. To me, I was upgrading the quality of my life since I was stuck at home (being socially distant). First, I got a small French Press and some Jamaican medium ground coffee and secondly, I tried Likkle Tea for the first time. Likkle Tea is a Jamaican premium loose leaf tea company.

Picking The Leaves

It was International Tea Day when I bucked up an ad from Likkle Tea on Instagram and being the ‘treat yuhself‘ girl that I am, I went on their website. Listen mi, my eyes were dazzling…I got so excited seeing the variety of tea they offered. With names like “Coconutty Escape” “Take Me to Morocco” “17 Cherry Tree Lane” and ingredients and flavours that made my mouth start to water…I had to buy something. I’d seen the Likkle Tea booth at events before but nothing to compel me to buy something, the website is a whole other story. 

Spillin’ The Tea

I bought a small canister of “Portland Bliss” and the first thing that struck me was the chic packaging. Portland Bliss perfectly captures the feeling of relaxation that washes over you when you take a trip to the majestic parish. The name couldn’t be any better, taking a sip of the warm liquid compels you to close your eyes and happy sigh. The fragrance of vanilla coupled with the smooth and decadent taste took me back to the views of the sea, the smooth road and the well-curated trip playlist. It brought back only good memories of my last trip to the gem that is Portland, Jamaica.

Small canister of Portland Bliss tea from Likkle Tea taken by 876Lover
Portland Bliss contains organic white tea, safflowers, blue cornflower petals, coconut and natural flavouring.

Thanks to the International Tea Day special, I got a free tea sample with my package. I got “Carrot Cake” and I liked it without sugar or any additives but I got a tip from their IG to make add milk to it. In life you gotta do the most, so I made a Carrot Cake Latte using my homemade cashew milk. That beat hot chocolate, it even tasted better than actual carrot cake. I was in love. Only a carrot cake with cream cheese icing could surpass this in my opinion… And now I’m saving what’s left of the carrot cake tea for special occasions because it’s not listed on the website. When it’s finished I dunno what imma do.

A cup of homemade Carrot Cake Latte by 876Lover
Here’s my yummy Carrot Cake Latte.

Likkle Tea impressed me so much I bought another tea, I got “Coconut Chai” which I thought was a black tea but to my surprise it was caffeine-free. I did read what was in it but at that time I didn’t know what “rooibos” was, I saw chai and thought black tea. Rooibos is a type of plant from South Africa that’s often used as a caffeine-free alternative to black tea. Coconut Chai feels very homey, I enjoy it with or without a milk. I don’t save it for a rainy day but that’s the feeling it gives me, it warms you with the mix of flavours. I like to think of Likkle Tea as my aromathera-tea because they all smell amazing.

small refillable package of Coconut Chai Likkle Tea by 876Lover
Because Coconut is life.

Chai Quit Playin’

The first thing I learnt from Likkle Tea is that I was making tea wrong my whole life. The brewing time is a major key, and over steeping the tea can alter the flavour. This causes some teas to get bitter and that may urge you to add sugar. Next up is the rooibos mishap that had me YouTubing and Googling tea origins and different types of tea, how it’s made, and how to make my own blend…I was living! (I like learning things I find interesting). Lastly, you pay for good quality, and Likkle Tea blends can be re-steeped 2-3 times before throwing it out. Bonus: Chai is the Hindi word for tea. I like the 3 teas I have from them, each for a different mood. Mi nah lie, I’m hooked, and I will be buying more Likkle Tea.

This Friday, July 17, 2020, Likkle Tea celebrates their 3 year anniversary and they will be having specials all week. So, if you like tea or trying new things, level up your tea game to loose-leaf. Check out their website to see what Likkle Tea has to offer.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for the teas.

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