Something to smile about

  • Waking up late.
  • Eating Pizza.
  • The smell of salty beach air.
  • When you’re going home from the beach and the wind is blow drying your hair.
  • The happy memories that float in the back of your mind that randomly pop up.
  • Walking home and you look up to see a really pretty sunset.
  • Making plans in spur of the moment and they turn out perfectly.
  • Eating ice cream on a hot day.
  • Drinking a cup of Nescafe french vanilla coffee on a freezing cold bus.
  • Going on random adventures with friends.
  • Going to a concert and being swept away by the music.
  •  Eating a fresh out the oven cheese patty & washing it down with a perfect bag juice, i.e. one with just enough juice & a little bit of ice in it.
  • Speaking/Texting that special person by Demali.

Do you agree with any? Or have a suggestion? Leave a comment 🙂


6 responses to “Something to smile about”

  1. Nostalgia, nostalgia. I miss the ocean, fresh air and sunshine, though. I think I got seared last time, because I was stuck in Montego bay for my entire trip. I should have gone to the country; serve me right 🙂

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