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Aspiring Journalist, Reggae activist, est. December 22, 1994 therefore a Capricorn, born and currently living in Jamaica. I have an interest in French, and I’d love to learn Japanese as well. My friends can agree that I’m loud mouthed, a foodie and a tups of crazy; and when I’m not creating I’m on pinterest searching for inspirational quotes. Did I mention I have a passion for writing? well I do. That is one of the reasons I started this blog, to hone my writing skills. About 876LoveR.


PR, Disclosure & Your Privacy

876LoveR is willing to share your work with our audience. Would you like to be featured on 876LoveR? That is your music, poems, books, or any written work, email me at 876lover@gmail.com.

♦I will do product reviews if it is of the interest of my audience and myself, especially Jamaican made products, so if you have a product you would like reviewed for and to a Jamaican audience? Email me and we’ll discuss the review and your press package.

♦I also support guest contributors; do you have a post you feel would be great on 876LoveR? Email me.

All posts on 876LoveR expresses the true and personal views of Rashida Grant, Creative Director and owner of 876LoveR.com

The privacy of our audience is secure with 876LoveR your email address used for subscription is not given out or misused. None of your personal information is saved or shared with any third parties or advertisers.

876LoveR gathers analytics daily and as such collects statistics of how many views we get per day, how the site was found and which of our posts, pages or links have been clicked but your private information will remain secure.

To unsubscribe simply click the “unsubscribe” link provided in the emails sent to you.

Any other questions? Email: 876lover@gmail.com


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