Upcoming Events!

You know what time it is! Time to check the 876Lover event listing. This weekend actually has more events than last week…they just keep popping up. There will be a concert, and tons of pop-up shops, this weekend might be the best one to get your Christmas shopping done. Explore the vast numbers of Jamaican brands! Cop a birthday gift for me *wink* Have fun!


After Dark Pop-Up Shop

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Tessellated & Friends Live (Concert)

Concert, tessellated and friends, pine and ginger, music,, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Sanaa Studios Art Bazaar [2 days]

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover, sanaa studios,

Rastafari Rootz Fest [3 days]

Ganja cup


New Wave Celebrity Closet (thrift shop and pop-up shops) 10am-4pm

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,new wave, celebrity closet, thrift shop,

Wickie Wackie Music Festival [new date]

Wickie Wackie music festival, 2017, reggae,on the beach, in Jamaica, 876Lover,new date

Sip n’ Shop Henna Pop-Up

pop-up shop, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover, ja'henna, henna tattoo,

Jamaican Potters Annual Art and Craft Fair [2 days]

Potters arts and craft fair

Latin Dancing [Every Saturday in December]

Regency Latin night


Feeding of the 5000

feeding of the 5000, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Sweet Thorns Book Launch

book launch, tara-elizabeth downs, bookman express, sweet thorns, in Jamaica, 2017, 876Lover,

Market at the Lawn (Pop-up shops)

Shopping,pop up shop, Jamaican brands, crhistmas shopping, at Devon House, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

True Shelf Pop-Up Shop

True Shelf Pop up shop

Kingston Dub Club

Dub Club, Kingston Dub Club, 876Lover, in Jamaica,


Bae Vibes

Flyer coming soon.

Forbidden Fruit, the Reggae Musical (NEW date, NEW venue)

Forbidden Fruit, Reggae musical, Fi Wi Jamaica, Michael Holgate, new date, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

Do Enjoy!


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

The year of good music continues right through; last week Friday, “Simma” by Leno Banton featuring iotosh was released. It was Produced by Krs with the featured photo by Monique Kidd (@Kimmmon) and the track artwork by Khari Kamau (@KhariKamau). To put it simply, the duo criticize the girl that left the relationship to pursue another, with more money; all with a sweet lyrical flow to match the riddim. Ensure you keep a keen ear on the lyrics; take a listen to “Simma”.

“Maybe I’m no king and I got no riches
So I can’t buy you things
But I got love to give
But that’s not enough for you”

-Leno Banton

“I really wish you all the best in life
I really wish that I coulda provide
The lifestyle that you always wanted to live
But the truth is, all I got is love to give”



@LenoBanton on Twitter & Instagram

@iotosh on Twitter & Instagram


One Coco: Sen Say

Today I’m telling you about Sen Say Soy Candles; this is the second addition to the basket from A Jamaican Made Christmas. I didn’t buy a candle though, I bought their Aroma Beads. You place them in your drawers (teehee) to keep your clothes smelling nice. The brand Sen Say promotes recycling and keeping the environment healthy; and as I said they previously, they make scented soy candles. The candles last longer, they burn cleaner- leaving no toxins or pollutants in the air- and they’re made of soybean, which is a renewable source.

I was waltzing through the crowd looking for things to buy, and I stumbled upon the Sen Say booth. I was intrigued by a vanilla and coffee scented candle but I had so many similar scents, I left it. I smelt the aroma beads though, and had to get it, it was cheap and smelt so good; I didn’t have anything like this scent in my arsenal. I had to ask the owner about the scent, it was one of her specialties, she said it was a scent she had designed for her soft rose soy candle. So, the newest addition to the (Jamaican Brand) Coco basket is Aroma Beads by Sen Say.

One coco,Sen Say, soy candles, 876Lover, in Jamaica, buy Jamaican build Jamaica, aroma beads,

Follow the social media pages! Instagram: @SenSayJa, www.facebook.com/sensayja/ or SensayJa.com.


Bae Vibes!

Stones Throw Bar, Kingston

The music was LOUD or turned all the way up, Stones Throw Bar had quickly become one of my favourite event spaces because of the intimacy of the space. The stage was small and perfect for an acoustic performance. The main seating area is a big thatched roof gazebo; with decorative “Christmas lights” or pepper lights as we call them, attached to the roof, hanging right above the stage.

Bae Vibes was the event; it is a seasonal event that seeks to bring people together, and what better way to do that than with music. “Bae Vibes” translated from Patois or Jamaican Creole is “a massive amount of vibes”. As a Jamaican, when I saw the Bae Vibes flyer, it enticed me, ’cause anywhere there’s good energy that’s where I’d like to be. This event is a fete where music takes control, the Deejays play from a variety of genres, encouraging mingling and dancing between the patrons. This was my first time at Bae Vibes, and this season was different because it includes live performances.

Dj Stamma played first, warming up the crowd with a mix of genres, starting the session with some old school R&B, “No Scrubs” for example, a bop! He went to current R&B, and Hip-Hop to Dancehall and made it all come together beautifully. This Bae Vibes had free activities for the ladies or Baes. Henna Tattoos from Mark (@HennaThreads), Caricature drawings from Djet (@DjetLayne_Carics), and Jell-O Shots. I had to partake in all of this!

Bae Vibes, December 2017, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Stones Throw Bar, Dj Stamma, Henna Threads, Henna Tattoo,
My Henna Tattoo by @HennaThreads

Fun Fact: Mark makes his own henna paste, he adds tea tree oil and lavender to it; it smelt so good to me. The instructions for the henna are to allow the paste to dry for 6 hours, then remove the paste but keep the area dry for 24 hours.

Bae Vibes, December 2017, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Stones Throw Bar, Dj Stamma, Djet Layne, DjetLayne_Carics,
Me holding up my caricature drawing by Djet. (photo by: Romario Lynch)
Bae Vibes, December 2017, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Stones Throw Bar, Dj Stamma, Jell-O Shot, Rum
Rasta Coloured Jell-O Shot

Since I went alone, if I wasn’t jamming to the music, I’d be people watching; listen, I was taking notes. There were short shorts or “batty riders” with loose fitting tops, Bongo pants (or joggers) and Kimonos in an array of prints.  From the Afrocentric crop tops to the Chokers necklaces, and Big wooden hoop earrings, I was enthralled by the styles. First on stage was the Bae, Jane MacGizmo.

Bae Vibes, December 2017, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Stones Throw Bar, Dj Stamma, Jane MacGizmo
Jane MacGizmo. (photo by: Romario Lynch)

It was my first time seeing Jane McGizmo perform live, I like her energy, she spoke to us and introduced herself, she seemed like a very down to earth person. She sang an unreleased song, “King”, a sultry song about pleasing her king. Next up was “Babylon” the first single she released, and a crowd favourite.

“Free from Babylon, come mek we shut it dung!”

Her band held known faces, Jason Worton-Lee on guitar, iOtosh on bass, and Teflon engineering the instrumentals. Next she sang “Who I Am”, she wrote this track in studio for a TV series, it gave me a disco feel. Her final song was her most recent release, “Too Late” another crowd fave, she was very soulful in singing this one, it made me feel like I’d lost my lover too.

Bae Vibes, December 2017, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Stones Throw Bar, Dj Stamma, Royal Blu,
Royal Blu. (photo by: Romario Lynch)

Royal Blu came with a vibe to make some ladies fall in love with him, I’m sure of it. El Fuego Don went into “Blue Mahoe”, my favourite song off his just released EP; in this song he’s singing about the earth and protecting it. Next was “The Motions” you could hear the different ranges in his voice clearly in this song, I  enjoyed it. Then he went back to the EP by singing the title track, “sinG with God” featuring Runkus; these two artistes are a power duo, and it shows whenever they combine, the energy was on a different level when they performed this song. The closing song of the set was “Meanwhile” featuring Leno Banton, this continued on the high energy of the last song, gaining participation of the crowd. We were the chorus at the appropriate times; we turned singers crooning out the “meanwhiles”.

Fatalic Sound then took over the Deejaying, they went full force with the Dancehall, picking up where the high energy of Royal Blu’s performance had left off. The dancers rolled out in the largest space of the venue, and other patrons like myself, danced and enjoyed ourselves where we stood. It was a good night.

Bae Vibes will be every Monday for the month of December, so come on out, and have a good time.


Jane MacGizmo on
Twitter & Instagram: @JaneMacGizmo

Royal Blu on
Twitter & Instagram: @TheRoyalBlu

Bae Vibes for updates
Twitter & Instagram: @BaeVibesJa


Upcoming Events!

The festive season began last week and every weekend we’ve got something for you to do. From the ever enticing reggae concert to pop-up shops to more music events! Here is this weekend’s event listing from the 876Lover!


Bookophilia Pre-Christmas Sale


Wickie Wackie Music Festival (Reggae Concert) [Postponed]

Wickiw Wackie music festival


Bookophilia’s Market Street (Pop-up Shopping)

Bookophilia meet street

Artisan Affair (Pop-up Shopping)

Artisan Affair

Kingston Dub Club (Reggae Music Dubbing)

Dub Club, Kingston Dub Club, 876Lover, in Jamaica,

Market at the Lawn (Pop-up Shopping at Devon House)

Market at the lawn 10th


Bae Vibes

Bae Vibes Dec 11th

Forbidden Fruit (A Reggae Musical) [Postponed]


Come back next week for more!


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

I have brand new reggae music for you! Today I’m sharing “Lightning Storm” by 5 Star! The first thing that grabbed me was that bassline, the groove is so nice; the rhythm has an original rockas reggae feel to it. On this smooth riddim 5 Star raps animatedly, warning Babylon to be stable before they run into trouble or the lightning storm. His lyrics have a strong militancy, as he pushes to defend himself with protection from Haile Selassie I. Take a listen to Lightning Storm by 5 Star, produced by Kabaka Pyramid and Genius.

Tell me in the comments below what you think!

Follow 5Star:

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instagram.com @5starsol


One Coco: Miss Dutchie

Hey! I know it’s been a while since I updated the basket but I went to an event called A Jamaican Made Christmas- this is an annual 2-day pop-up arcade with only Jamaican brands- and got a few things; I believe this is my third year going.  I’ll be doing separate posts for each item, today we’re adding a Miss Dutchie Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly to the basket.

I made it a task to walk around and taste all the free samples I could, don’t judge, who doesn’t love food? At Miss Dutchie’s booth they had Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jerk Seasoning, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jackfruit Chutney, and the one I sampled, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly. I didn’t want to eat the jerk seasoning on crackers and I don’t like jackfruit; so, I was left with one option, the jelly. I had a taste on a cracker and it was so yummy I bought one right away. At first you taste the sweetness from the jelly then a burst of heat follows, tickling your taste buds.

A Jamaican Made Christmas, 2017, National Bakery, Miss Dutchie, Pepper Jelly, One Coco, 876Lover, in Jamaica, Scotch bonnet pepper jelly,
Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jerk Seasoning, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jackfruit Chutney (Photo by: National)

Over the past couple of months I have been trying out some new sauces from my local supermarket but I’ve noticed a trend, I tend to stick to any product that has some sweetness in it. I like sweet things in general, I prefer that to tangy or savory flavours; so, you’ll catch me having sweet and sour, or sweet and spicy. I find this jelly is perfect so far, I’ve used it on sandwiches and toast; after tasting the pepper, the heat subsides after a while. If you’re not a pepper person, this product can work for you, just use it sparingly.

I give it a 4.9/5 rating: the consistency is nice, the balance of sweetness and spice is perfect, the price is reasonable, the label is very chic and trendy, but I’d have liked to see a refrigerate note on the label. I would definitely buy again, give it a try if you see it on your supermarket shelves.

A Jamaican Made Christmas, 2017, National Bakery, Miss Dutchie, Pepper Jelly, One Coco, 876Lover, in Jamaica, Scotch bonnet pepper jelly,

Find Miss Dutchie products on Instagram @MissDutchieJa.



Be bold and daring
This time, please don’t shy away
To claim what is yours.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Bold & Daring.


Upcoming Events!

This is my favourite time of the year for a lot of reasons but I’ll share one, the surge of events, it pleases me. December is starting with a bang, this weekend is packed with events, so I made a list for you. My list contains concerts, shopping events, parties, and more. There’s so much to choose from, just gather the squad and do road.


Chronology Concert [Kingston]

I regret to inform you that all pre-sold tickets (VIP & general admission)  are sold out, but limited general admission tickets will be available at the gate.

Chronixx Live in Jamaica, Chronology Tour, Kingston, Montego Bay, Protoje, Reggae, Concert, in Jamaica, 876Lover,


Tribute to Bob Marley: Smile Jamaica Concert

Tribute to Bob Marley, Smile Jamaica, Runkus, Blvk H3ro, Royal Blu, Leno Banton, Kingston, Bob Marley Museum, Reggae, Concert, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

Chronology Concert [Montego Bay]

Chronixx Live in Jamaica, Chronology Tour, Kingston, Montego Bay, Protoje, Regga, Concert, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

Bacchanal Jamaica Band Launch

Bacchanal Jamaica, Band Launch, Carnival in Jamaica, Jamaica Carnival 2017, 876Lover,


Liguanea Art Festival

Liguanea Art Festival, 2017, Art, Liguanea Plaza, pop up shop, in Jamaica, 876Llover,

Market at the Lawn

Shopping,pop up shop, Jamaican brands, crhistmas shopping, at Devon House, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

Kingston Dub Club

Dub Club, Kingston Dub Club, 876Lover, in Jamaica,


Bae Vibes

Bae Vibes, Stamma, Music, Party, in Jamaica, 876Lover,

Look out for next weekend’s list!




Live Happily

So cliché these days
It’s not for the faint of heart
Be strong in passion.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Strong & Heart.