Expression Wednesdays

Hello Loves!

It’s Wednesday so I got some brand new tings to share with you. Ras-I released an ode to the beautiful black woman, titled “Nubian.” This song touches your soul from the instrumental intro, as he strongly says, “It’s hard to find the perfect words, to tell you how I feel…” Same! That was my exact sentiment in regards to this instrumental. I must admit as a black woman, this song truly made me feel special, appreciated even. Ras-I boasted a number of amazing traits of his black woman. Though this is about the lovely women out there, this song is one to rock along to with someone special, take a listen to Nubian.

The cover art seen above was created by Paige.





In The Blessed Indies

This is the week following Jamaica’s Independence Day so I had to share this song with you. It’s no Natural Mystic but they share a host of gems about Jamaica, as well as giving shout outs to the other Caribbean Islands. Kione does a short intro followed by Jeeby Lyricist rapping about the niceness that makes up our homeland, Jamaica, he displays a catalog of things we’re to be grateful for. The usual playfulness of BLVK H3RO in his flows finished the song perfectly, and we cyaan (can’t) complain about his sweet voice.

This banger was produced by Wavy Jones, it’s a little over 2 minutes of pure vibes. It had me rocking all the way through, even though I haven’t learnt all the lyrics just yet. Giving praises where they’re due, the artwork is by Monique Kidd. Take a listen to Blessed Indies.




Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

It’s a rainy week in Jamaica but we jammin’ still. DJ Stamma released a special mix tape last week, where he showcases music from the “independent musical geniuses of Jamaica.” It has songs from some of the greatest acts to grace the music scene right up to the upcoming artistes that are making great headway. This is Indie Genius Vibes, take a listen. Go to the Soundcloud page to see the track list.

Why was I doing the most while listening to this? I feel like Stamma executed his idea perfectly, I thoroughly enjoyed the mixtape. I sang along to the songs I knew and grew excited at the unfamiliar ones I heard. P.S. Big up yourself for the name Stamma! “Indie Genius” – Indigenous, that was a good one.

Drop a comment below to let me know what you thought about Indie Genius Vibes.



Protoje’s new single “Blood Money” is a perfectly aimed shot at the Government, and the injustice at large in Jamaica but who the cap fits, let them wear it. With the mellow instrumental and defined bass you wouldn’t believe how much truth, as unfortunate as it is, is addressed in just over 3 minutes. From money laundering to criminals getting off of jail time because they have the money to pay off the right persons. As a synopsis Blood Money runs the nation. Take a listen for yourself, freshly released, “Blood Money” by Protoje.

I’m really feeling the song, I love that Protoje crassly preached the truth, our everyday situation in Jamaica, for the whole world to know. I hope it impacts people to be aware of the situation, and do all they can to be fair and just. Also find Blood Money on SoundCloud, here.

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All artwork for Blood Money by Taj Francis.

“If wha you see nuh really phase you, then you a di problem weh we face too.”



REMSZN is the first album out of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) ‘Living Dream’ which is a collective of creative individuals, each nurturing different talents. REMSZN is the brain child of Leno Banton, writer and singer on the album. The project had members of REM executing their talents, SNR exclusively produced it, Irie Girl sang on a track, and Khari Kamau and Kxrly Miyagi (Karlando) did the artwork.

Leno Banton
Leno Banton

“…Done dancing with the demons, I’m in a different place. Selah.”

See the track list below, and take a listen:


I like REMSZN; SNR and Leno came with a different vibe for this one, and it definitely worked! The songs tell a story, and the flow from song to song is pleasant, it starts off with a warrior like strength and ends with love. My fave songs from the project are “Buffalo SoulJAH,” “Eight7Six,” ‘LVLs” and “Regime.” The lyrics are good, and I love that, for me personally I look out for nice lyrics when listening to new music. I also like the small interludes or ‘Medz’ as it’s called on the album, where you get to feel a little more of Leno as a person. He speaks his thoughts on life between the tracks, the topics include Self-awareness-which seemed to take a lead throughout the project- Marijuana, Spirituality, Uplifting the youth of Jamaica, & Appreciation of family, and friends who are family.

“Inna di Blessed Indies, Rapid Eye Movement…”

Tell me what you think about the album in the comments below! Keep in the know, follow Leno Banton on Twitter: @LenoBanton. REMSZN is available for download for free, here, or click the download button on the Soundcloud page, here. Also, take a look at what the REM Collective has in store on their website, here.




Straight out of Jamaica is the new single “Fly” by GiRL featuring Kenzic. The strength and beauty of the voice of both these artistes are undeniable, so when I saw that GiRL was releasing her first official single, and it featured Kenzic, I was overjoyed. I’ve heard them live before and I have been waiting for the music, I’ve been keeping an eye… well listening out for these two upcoming artistes. “Fly” was co-written by GiRL and Kenzic, and it was produced by KeeRAB Records. I was actually surprised when I listened to it for the first time because it was Hip-Hop, and that wasn’t the vibe I got from either artiste but it works. When you have the voice and the lyrics like these two you come across strong in any genre, take a listen for yourself.

“You’re so fly, boy…”

Keep in the know and follow GiRL on Instagram: @Girl_Jamz Twitter: @GiRL_jamz and on Facebook: Shanique Brown = GiRL. Fly is also available for purchase on iTunes, here.


Ancient Future: The Album Review

Hey Everyone 🙂

As I didn’t post about Reggae on International Reggae Day, July 1st, today I present my first album review, it’s my thoughts on the beats & riddims along with my interpretation of what the songs mean, I do hope you enjoy it 🙂

The Album Review

Ancient Future was produced on Protoje’s label the In.digg.nation Collective by himself and, producer, Winta James. Protoje’s 3rd Album has 11 songs, which I can agree, is quality over quantity. With every album he releases the growth in him, as a person and an artiste is evident. Personally I fell in love with Protoje’s music because of his lyrics…They tell a story, in an unconventional way, (and I’m just trying not to say how sick his lyrics are) which he continues to do. As the title suggests and as Protoje had said at the album launch, this album has some riddims from the past which have been revamped and used in a futuristic way.

He introduced Ancient Future with Continue reading “Ancient Future: The Album Review”