Protoje & The Indiggnation Takes Tmrw.Tdy

Tomorrow Today (Tmrw Tday) Culture Festival had a week of activities geared towards meditation, and rejuvenation, where the goal was to acknowledge what you want in life and to help you to live for today. They brought acts from the “Reggae Revival” out to the edge of Jamaica, Negril. The concert was headlined by Protoje & the Indiggnation, with performances from Runkus & the Old Skl Band, and Sevana.

The Boardwalk Village was easy to find on the strip. As you enter you’re greeted by one of the reasons persons visit Jamaica. The beautiful flora, and the Boardwalk Village did not disappoint. It had the palms and beautiful white sand, with thatched roof décor all around. While waiting for the performances to start, Dj Yaadcore did his musical mixing, adding even more to the feel of vacation. When it was time to begin, the host for the evening, Sheldon Shepheard, introduced the first act.

tmrw tday, culture festival, Negril, Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, Sevana, Runkus,
Runkus and the Old Skl Band. (Photo: Romario Lynch)

Runkus brought his usual high energy. He and the band worked in perfectly in unison; special big up to the backup singers: your notes where on point. Runkus didn’t disappoint he had the crowd moving as he urged to move your feet. He ended the set in pure flames with Burn EverytinG.

tmrw tday, culture festival, Negril, Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, Sevana, Runkus,
The soulful Sevana. (Photo: Romario Lynch)

Sevana makes you feel like you’re in love when she performs. Her voice gave chills as we rocked to the rhythm. She sang a couple songs from her EP, “Sevana.” The name ‘soulful’ Sevana stuck for a reason, as her energy projected the feeling in each song.

tmrw tday, culture festival, Negril, Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, Sevana, Runkus,
Protoje. (Photo: Romario Lynch)

I’ve seen Protoje & the Indiggnation perform numerous times, and it seems each time it gets better. The set ran through all three of his albums, and “Royalty Free” beginning with a form of reverence with I&I, Resist Not Evil, then Protection. Listen mi, they have some lively choreography,  I really wanna learn how to move like his background vocalists, the ladies caught my eye. I did my own dance though, he sang a medley of songs from “7 Year Itch” that had me dipping and rocking along. Followed by his newest single, Blood Money, taking it to a personal level showing his concern for his home. He left us on a high by ending the performance with some favourites: Hail Rastafari, Who Knows, Ja, and finally, Kingston Be Wise.
This was my first time in Negril, yes, for real. We (my friends and I) took it upon ourselves to make that really long journey from Kingston for the concert. We take the concert thing (life) seriously, and I’m glad I made the effort because it was truly worth it.


For The Culture!

Ah the Shell Band Stand…I stepped through the gate and instantly my tummy started to fill with nostalgia; and my head with flashbacks of flashing lights and the roaring of The Indiggnation. I was brought back to Ancient Future Live. Warmth roamed the grounds of the green-space, as friends and strangers alike, mingled, and enjoyed the musical styling of DJ Yaadcore while waiting for the show to begin. The venue held friendly faces, Benjie, nourishing the patrons with his vegetarian Yatties and a variety of natural juices. As well as I-Nation, with his pop-up shop or station. Dj Jimmy Q warmed up the crowd, and enthusiastically introduced the soulful Sevana.

Sevana, For The Culture, Reggae Concert, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, The Indiggnation, Keon Predi Photography

Sevana had us at the edge of our seats, and on the tips of our toes. Her beauty is one thing but her voice is a completely different story, Valentine’s Day is gone but her sweet voice summoned the god of love. The audience held onto her every word and swooned with every note. She began with an unreleased song that was quite personal, and followed with Easy To Breathe. She gave us another unreleased song, No Sleep, which has been growing on me. Sevana introduced Love The Way by asking us to join her in dancing, which we obliged dutifully. She continued to steal the hearts of the patrons, and with every high note in Bit Too Shy, the cupid’s arrow picked new targets. Her next song was her own remix of Protoje’s “Love Gone Cold,” which she’s featured on. This was followed by Carry You, and one of my favourites, Rawle; to which fans danced and sang along, while new fans learnt the lyrics 😉 Continue reading “For The Culture!”

New Wave

The Season Finale -27/02/16

I cursed myself for wearing this thin shirt when the cold air settled on my skin like a blanket. That and the fact that this was the New Wave finale had me feeling like I walked all the way to the cook shop only to hear “No curry gravy,” vex. But we have to enjoy the good times while they’re here, and that I did.

New Wave, in Jamaica, Art, Khari Kamau, 876Lover, Music, seen by Lynch
Art by Khari Kamau

It was time for the event to start when Dj Stamma, who was in charge of the musical mixing, took the sound down low. The resident host, Brittany Brown warmly welcomed us to the space, and in that same breath introduced the featured artists for the night. Joshua Soals, @Solasink, who is abroad, and Khari Kamau, @Khari.Kamau, who she invited on stage. She asked him where his inspiration comes from, which he responded, from being around his friends, and that he’s interested in patterns.

Her final question was “How do you describe your art?”

“Me.” he responded with a chuckle.

They left the stage, to be replaced by Dj Stamma, who introduced the artiste for the night, Ras-I.

New Wave, in Jamaica, Art, Ras-I, 876Lover, Music,

Ras-I came full storm, with a keyboardist, a bass guitarist, a guitarist, Zosia as backup singer, Cespo on djembe, and Jody on small percussion. We could feel a positive energy radiating from the stage as the band worked concertedly with Ras-I. He sang Still the Storms Come, Dread Inna BabylonNever Gonna Lead I AstrayKeep I Safe; song after song he filled the air with conscious lyrics. He did Roots With Quality for the ladies, and here I must big up Zosia, for hitting all of those notes. He ended his set with Bad Boy Bully.

He couldn’t end without lifting the vibes even more though, this is where more excitement ensued, the unity between the younger and upcoming artistes was heard loud and clear. We got to hear lines and impromptu free styling from Runkus, Pagey, Jeeby, Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton, Grei Show, and some of the ladies as well; Zosia, Courtney, and finally Sevana. Ras-I closed off by giving thanks on behalf of all who touched the stage, and wishing for a great 2017.

This was followed by an open mic session, where anyone got a chance to shine, starting with a dub poet.

New Wave, in Jamaica, Art, Dub poerty, chereese Lavonne, 876Lover, Music,
Chereese LaVonne

Chereese LaVonne introduced herself by simply saying, “I draw words.” Then she began, making my heart swell with her beautiful way with words. The piece I enjoyed the most was her final poem, Speak, I’m not sure of the title but for this sake I’m gonna call it “Speak.”

A portion of persons came up to speak or sing, and collect their 5 minutes of fame. To name a few, there was Nattoo, Khalel, Elad, Meikle for D.R.E.D.Z.-Drums Rythm Expression Dynamic Zeal, Maneen, Sahj, Tara, Eva Flow, Deandra, Pagey, and finally BussWeh party which included Grei Show and Lila Ike. This was followed by the Aux cord segment.

And that is how we said goodbye to this season of New Wave.

Photos by Romario ‘@leBossLYNCH’ Lynch, click the hashtag to see more: #SeenByLynch.


New Wave
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Twitter: RasI_Musique


New Wave

Stones Throw Bar the small sign read.

The cozy space vibrated with music as people trickled in, filling up the spaces from which the music echoed. The atmosphere was pleasant with chatter, friends greeted and ran jokes, while some sat tuning in keenly to what Dj Jimmy Q was serving. When the venue seemed to fully come to life Brittany Brown, the host, took to the stage.

New Wave, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Art, Monique Kidd, Romario Lynch, Seen by Lynch,

She introduced the artist that was responsible for the vibrant pieces that stood as décor, Monique ‘@Kidding_Art’ Kidd. She asked Monique a few questions about her work, which she gleefully answered, including how she started painting. The exchange ended quickly and without wasting time, Brittany introduced the first act, Mortimer.

New Wave, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Mortimer, Romario Lynch, Seen by lynch,

Mortimer came to Nice Up Di Scene, with a sweet acoustic vibe, he was accompanied by a solo guitarist, Elly B. His soothing voice took off any edge that might have been in the air, the second song was his rendition of Protection, a song by Protoje of which he’s featured. Next he sang Herb For You, which sounded like a love song, maybe the love of herb transmitted very clearly through that one or maybe it was his voice wooing me. We saw a vulnerable side of Mortimer that night, he promised he wouldn’t do any long preaching but made it known that he had a lot on his chest. He actually became emotional while singing a song with the line “careful of the ones you call you family” the pain was evident. Which caused the audience to give him applause in encouragement, he then shared the lime light with Elly B, and gave him a chance to sing a song of his own. Mortimer finished up with his final song, Heads Up, leaving the crowd in high spirits.

New Wave, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Lila Ike, Romario Lynch, Seen by lynch,
Lila Ike

Lila Ike came with divine energy, femininity mixed with some ‘ragga muffin’ which lifted my spirit. I say ragga muffin because amazing lyrical mixing or Deejaying skills is usually associated with men but this little lady have it lock. She gained a new fan, me. She took us up and down with her vocals, her set included warm up which was Make a Joyful Noise, and lots of love: My Little Darling, Rain Start Fall, and Biggest Fan. She invited guests on for us, Koro Fyah which she sang Ragga Muffin with, and Royal Blu, to sing Believe. Her voice is so lovely, the audience was locked in, as she took us from sweet notes to mixing on the riddim.

My faves were Biggest Fan and Rain Start Fall. To my dismay, most of these songs are unreleased, so when “my little darling” was stuck in my head the next day, me did get knock.  I’ll just have to work with Believe for now…Word on the street, is that she will be releasing a single soon. Lila we ready fi you.

Photos by Romario ‘@leBossLYNCH’ Lynch, click the hashtag to see more: #SeenByLynch.

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Upcoming Events!

The Christmas Season has officially begun, It’s the best time of the year, simply because my birthday falls in December! There are a lot of events coming up, which aren’t cordial for persons preparing for exams, such as myself. Anyway, the Kingston Music Festival officially begins today, which has various events during it’s week. That along with other events that persons decided to put (before exams) right at the beginning of December are this weekend; take a look. Continue reading “Upcoming Events!”

The New Wave

The debut.

I got to the Stones Throw Bar at 9:30, when (Dj) The Stamma was running the Dj stand. He was relieved by Dj Jimmy Q at 10pm. Patrick and I conversed, enjoying the ambiance Stones Throw had to offer. It had aTiki Hut vibe, with the main area secluded by decor hanging from the sides of the roof. Making the space cozy by taking off a little of the edge from the cold wind that was blowing. It had dim lighting continuing the feel of relaxation. While waiting for the show to start, patrons began the night, lighting up the space with the refreshing incense that was marijuana; voices and laugher filled the air.

New Wave, NewWaveJa, 876Lover, Jamaica, Protoje,

Soon enough Protoje, the host for the night, came onto the stage and thanked us for supporting, and in that same breath explained the New Wave.  The idea came about by brain storming, and what they wanted to create was a space for creatives to come together. A way to just build and share what we have to offer. The debut of the New Wave event was coupled with the first New Wave radio broadcast, both being on Monday’s. The broadcast is at 2:30pm on News Talk 93.1 fm, hosted by Jimmy Q; this show will bring upcoming talents to the public’s ears.

Proto continued by saying Jamaica is not short of talent but the problem is the means, the resources aren’t readily available for persons to show their passion to the world. The New Wave is a way for creative people to link up, share what they have to offer and network. He also commended the Leggo Career movement for what they’re doing for Jamaican youths. New Wave Ja is not limited to music, it’s for all forms of talent, cinema, dance, fashion…you name it. Next week Monday will be a Cinema edition. He closed off by introducing BLVK H3RO.

New Wave, NewWaveJa, Blvk H3ro, 876Lover, Jamaica,

“H3RO’s talent is undeniable, it’s clear, obvious, present, unique…” He began with his new song, not yet released, “Feet Don’t Fail Me” followed by my personal favourite, “Final Destination” then the song that I had on repeat when I just buck up his Soundcloud page, “My Story.”

New Wave, NewWaveJa, Blvk H3ro, 876Lover, Jamaica, Leno Banton,
Leno Banton and H3RO during “Skydive”

Next up was “Skydive” with the featured artiste, Leno Banton. Then “Kush & Schwepps”followed by his final song of the set, the high energy, “Herb.” After he closed withthe final song, he asked us to help him sing happy birthday to Grei Show, as it was soon 12am and his birthday. Then he invited Sevana on stage, so we could sing her happy birthday, because it was before 12 and still her day. She actually ended up singing it though 🙂

Grei Show got a little shine after that, he sang a part of his single, “Blind Without Shades.” Protoje came back on stage to sign off and informed us that The Stamma would continue playing music. This would be followed by the aux cord session, ending the night.


Photos by Romario Lynch, you can find him at his website LynchPhotography, and @leBossLynch on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow the New Wave on Twitter and Instagram as well: @TheNewWaveJa, and @NewWaveJa respectively.



Finally, the day a large section of the Jamaican twitterverse was waiting for, Imprint had arrived. Imprint was Shaundel Campbell’s art exhibition, showcasing her art as well as some other artists’ work; it also had body painting, dancers, and a fashion show. The night ended with a concert, featuring some of the upcoming artistes on the Jamaican music scene. Imma put this out there from now, I didn’t see the concert; so I will just be showing you some photos I took of the art.

I arrived at 9pm, which seemed like everyone had arrived at that time too; a good amount of persons were at the entry way. Inside the New Kingston Conference Centre wasn’t what I expected. It had really dim lighting, with black lights over most of the rooms. There were hanging lights placed over the art pieces so we could see them properly.  You could feel the excitement in the air as persons wondered how the night would ensue. The room buzzed with chatter and camera flashes as persons looked at the displays. Please enjoy, and check out the artists, as I will link their twitter handles.

A friend of mine, Summer Clarke, @Summerclarke95.

Justin Brown.

Shaundel Campbell, @_Rouxvolution.

Selina Chen.

Chanté Blackwood.

Monique Kidd, @Kimmmon.

Kamoet NG-You.

Shaq Cross.

Keanu Gordon, @Duttyboydeth.


The two photos above were taken by Trish from Art Space Caribbean.

There were a few art pieces that I didn’t get to capture, and though I wasn’t there for long, I enjoyed looking at the art work. It was actually hard to take proper photos of the art because of the lighting but I resorted to flash in some instances. I wish I got to see the performances, I’m in love with Blvk H3ro, he performed as well as Royal Blu, Leno Banton, and Di Vibe. My squad for the night, as seen in the photo above, left and went to Kelissa Live, another concert being held that night. shidasignoff2

KOTE 2016: Connections

Kinston On The Edge Urban Festival

KOTE is  an annual event which came about simply to showcase the art that is happening in Kingston. It is a celebration of the creativity we have, that aren’t necessarily given a chance to be seen by the wider society; the works are showcased outside of the traditional spaces. By Art, it is not only pieces on canvas, the live music that is giving Jamaica life is incorporated as well. The theme for KOTE 2016 was Connections, which inspired some of art work.

My best friend and I opted to do some volunteering for KOTE this year. We were in charge of selling T-shirts at the different events, not all of course because the KOTE week was filled with activities. Fun fact: KOTE was established in the 2007.

Our station at the Opening event.

The opening event was hosted at the Redbones Blues Café; it went quite smoothly, I enjoyed  it, though I was working I was hearing the performances loud and clear. I also took a stroll around and saw some of the artwork; I tried to take some photos for you, just so you could glimpse the beautiful pieces.

Jermaine Morgan:

Patrick Planter:

Michael Steffen:

Marcella Seivwright:

I know the photos aren’t that great but it’s the thought that counts. Look out for KOTE 2017 by liking their Facebook page: Kingston On The Edge and keeping an eye on the website:



Sankofa Sessions: BLVK H3RO

A Sankofa Session is a place filled with good energies, painting, and good music. The founder, Iset Sankofa, deejays her favourite selections of African Music and World Music; for the patrons to enjoy while relaxing, and painting. Sankofa Sessions are at Ashanti Oasis Restaurant, 12 Braemar Avenue, every Tuesday, from 8pm to 1am with an entrance fee of just $300JMD.

The space is as beautiful as the energies it attracts; the walls were adorned with paintings that seemed to be from previous Sankofa Sessions. There was jewelry on sale; bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of beads laid on a table near the entrance, some sparkled in red, gold, and green as you walked by. The small restaurant  was packed with vibes as wonderful music pelted through the air, while the artists manipulated the paint. When I arrived Biko In Motion was selecting the music but soon after, Iset took over the Dj stand. As usual with these events, I enjoyed the ambiance, the Marijuana scented ‘incense’ was quite lovely. I caught up with my friends until it was time for the performance, this week was a BLVK H3RO take over.

BLVK H3RO and the Reggae Soul Band.
BLVK H3RO and the Reggae Soul Band.

The set started with the Reggae Soul Band taking us into an acoustic vibe, (I must say the band sounded great!) BLVK H3RO then stepped up to the mid-stage mic, joining them. He started off with “Mucky Mucky” then smoothly took us to “Final Destination” followed by “My Story” all the while having a light chat with the audience between the songs. He expressed to us that he loved acoustic sets for that same reason; so that he could have a more face to face connection, rather than his usual performance style of being all over the stage, and jumping about. The next song he sang was a sweet love song, “M.A.R.Y.” then he took the energy up a notch with the final song of his set, “Herb” he definitely got the crowd moving with that one, and made it even nicer by dropping in a little of “Move Your Feet” by Runkus.

It was a great performance, I enjoyed it, and I agree with H3RO that acoustic set gives a more intimate connection, it was nice. Don’t forget to like and follow Sankofa Sessions on Facebook and Instagram. BLVK H3RO as well, Facebook & Instagram.



Love, Light & Fire

Spades Lounge | Kingston, Jamaica

I knew I couldn’t miss this concert from the day I saw the lineup. I’m a big fan of Zosia, I love her voice; and the rest of the lineup, I came to find out was just as amazing. The name Love, Light & Fire was integrated into the working of the show. Zosia, the first act, represented Love, Vanessa Lee represented Light, and Anna Mariah brought the Fire.


Love: Zosia McGregror, the lady in red, she started off the night on a lovely tone, (pun intended) she had a beautiful connection with her band as she belted out her songs. She sang covers, and originals such as: “I Love You,” “Lover’s Rock” and “Pretty Girls;” I think Pretty Girls was my favourite as it had strong words of encouragement to pretty girls everywhere, telling them things will get better some day… Maybe not today but tomorrow. I can’t explain or should I say describe the magnitude of how amazing Zosia’s voice is, if you get the chance, definitely go listen to her live.

Vanessa Lee & I :)
Vanessa Lee & I 🙂

Light: Vanessa Lee, it was my first time hearing this Barbadian, she has spunk and a nice vibe, I love her voice, it honestly reminds me of Lauryn Hill. To me her voice rang beautifully in her original song “Conversation and Weed,” it’s a sexy song (that I can’t wait for her to release!) her voice and the lyrics made it entertaining. She won me over with that one.

Anna Mariah
Anna Mariah

Fire: Anna Mariah, she tun up di ting from the end of Rising Stars to now, she sounds more refined. Her voice is amazing as well, can’t deny that, and she proved it with the Whitney Houston medley she did; she sang the songs strong and her high notes were on point; she even confessed that she was getting over the flu at the time. Her cover of “Here” by Alessia Cara fully gave me life, after a few more covers, she sang two original songs, “Sail Away” and “Rush,” they’re both good but I liked Rush better. I also made a video of the end of her performance, you can watch it below.

I enjoyed the concert, the only problem for me was the venue, it was my first time at the Spades Lounge actually, and I had wondered how it would be conducive to a concert. Though it was just three acts, and an intimate setting, it wasn’t a good  venue choice to me.


Some of the photos are from Keon Prendi Photography, and are watermarked.