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Bacchanal Jamaica 2017: The Review

This was my first ever Carnival Road March (scratched record? comment if you’ve seen this already) and I had decided to go with Bacchanal Jamaica, there were a bit of ups and downs but I’m glad I made that choice. The road march with Bacchanal Jamaica had 

On The Road

5:00am I woke with a groan, knowing damn well we should have went to bed long before 12am but I wanted to be the first to wish Autumne a happy birthday. I also knew my best friend very well and hit snooze, there was no way she’d be 

My 2017 Carnival Checklist!

Newbie Edition

This is the checklist I’ve curated for my first ever Jamaica Carnival Road March. I made this list for persons who have no clue who to ask the right questions, as it pertains to Road March or Jump Up Day. I shop online a lot, so if it was up to me I’d just ship everything in but that would be more expensive and I’d have to order my things in advance; so I did some research and thanks to Instagram & YouTube I was able to acquire most of my carnival gear, right here in Jamaica. I’ve made the list simple and detailed, so that novices like myself can have an idea of where to purchase carnival supplies, and get their body or nails carnival ready.  All of the items on this list were purchased in Jamaica, except for one, my boots. Continue reading My 2017 Carnival Checklist!

The Road to Carnival -I

In came the New Year, in the blink of an eye or the pop of a bottle, 2016 was gone. Cheers to life, we had airily planned out 2017, this year would be one of adventures and new experiences. A big one being Jamaica’s Carnival Road March. 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! Today I’m sharing a Soca song, I can’t say I have a favourite Soca artiste but I listened to the 2017 Soca Starter Mix by DJ Private Ryan, and this song stood out to me. This year I’ve taken it upon myself to 

Expression Wednesdays

The busier time at work for me is January to March, and it hurts me every year because a lot of events happen during that same period; I’ll go to the events but I work everyday (plus overtime) so there’s little time to make the posts for the events. It comes down to time management, and I won’t lie, that aspect of my life is very shaky. Here is a little run down of 2016 happenings in Jamaica.

Well February went a little like this, it was the start of Reggae Month and the events started popping up. There was the Reggae Month weekly concert I made a post about the first one, The Genesis, then Bob Marley’s Birthday celebration [and concert] at the Bob Marley Museum. I love all the artistes that were on the line up but to name a few, dBURNZ, Kelissa, Jesse Royal, and Skip Marley I had to see.


Followed by the annual Redemption Live concert, this is the bigger concert of the two that are kept in celebration of Mr. Marley, this one is usually kept the following day, both are free of charge. Listen, this concert was amazing, I truly enjoyed it. This line up consisted of: Morgan Heritage, Nesbeth, Tanya Stephens, Sizzla, Cocoa Tea, I-Octane, Bugle, Ikaya, Kelissa and more.

Then there was Dubwise Jamaica but I will be making a separate post about that. Jamaica’s Soca season began, so the Bacchanal parties were kept every Friday night; with the ‘Socasize’ exercise program every Monday and Wednesday during the period. We had Protoje’s Ancient Future Live [Concert] which I made a post about.

Protoje’s concert was the highlight of February for me, the month went downhill after that. Our then Prime Minister, now Opposition Leader, Portia Simpson Miller, called Elections for February 25, 2016. The people get antsy around election times, and it can be dangerous as some persons like their opinions to be heard more than others, which may cause dangerous situations. Hence the final Reggae Month concert which was to be held the day before elections got cancelled, as well a the Dennis Brown tribute concert.

That was February for me…Also bear with me as I get back on track with posting on time 🙂 Upcoming is Dubwise Jamaica: Reggae Month Edition, Earth Hour Concert review, and a couple more.


Bacchanal J'ouvert!

My first paint party just happened to be Bacchanal J’ouvert, every time a paint party came up something had to come up in my life and block it, so this was my first. I have to say, it was amazing, unlike regular bacchanal that started 

Bacchanal Jamaica: The History

Read this article of how Bacchanal started in Jamaica. Here →The History

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂

The tax deadline has officially passed and I’ll be free to blog heartily again!

As Jamaica’s Carnival season nears its end I’m sharing with you a couple of my favourite 2015 soca (calypso) songs 🙂 Check out the Soundcloud playlist I made. ↓ Continue reading Expression Wednesdays