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One Coco: D'Havia Designs

I have a beach problem, to me it’s not really a problem, but here’s the real problem: for the beach you need swimsuits, I always want new ones. As a girl after my mom, I like getting new clothes, so I’d followed a lot of 

Sea You Soon

Spinning in the waves, Having fun while being cleansed, Magic in water. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Spin & Water. Every holiday I get I try to go to the beach, it relaxes me a lot, hence my title “Sea you soon.” Hello 2017.

Bacchanal Beach J'ouvert

Since 2016 is the year to ‘Get There’ or ‘Shoot Your Shot’ I had decided this was the year I was going to have my first Beach J’ouvert experience. I had heard so many good stories, I had to go, and that I did 🙂

Beach J’ouvert is one of the parties put on by Bacchanal Jamaica during our carnival season. As the name suggests it’s held at a beach,  this party’s fave attraction along with the paint!

It’s held at the same location annually, James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, St. Mary. I travelled to the location with the Gems shuttle bus service and I haffi big them up, because they were very professional and organized, the journey seemed short and entertaining with a soca mix that took us through the journey.

The view of the ocean from the deck.

We arrived a little after 2pm, I walked through the gate and it felt like I was transported to a different world, a world of elite party goers. The grass seemed greener, the sun looked brighter, the wind was nice and cool, though the patrons that had already arrived lined off in the shady areas. Yes, mi did well frighten fi go the party inna country. The venue and stage decor was on point, and the view of the ocean from the beach, was just unreal. I saw that view and mentally made plans to come back to the beach with my friends.

Selfie after I got my hat.

The first order of business was to collect a hat and rag to wave, a day event couldn’t have no hat to shield us from the sun, and double as hair protection from the paint. The Dj played tunes to keep us entertained while the multitude chased down the hat that the wind kept blowing off their heads but in the early hour, the venue was still scanty so the second order of business was to start drinking 😉

my best friend, Autumne & I.

Eventually people started taking to the middle of the venue, and the dancing started. When you see the paint cups being handed out it was time to run for cover or dive right into the paint 😁 The fêting continued into the sunset. I must commend Destra and Farmer Nappy because they worked the stage, I loved to see that raw energy between the soca artistes and the crowd, it pushed the party to a different level.

All in all it was lit, like I imagined, and it was worth the price too, I plan to go again next year.


Let's Go To The Beach!

I can feel it, Summer is coming, this overwhelming heat I’ve been feeling is only proving to me that Summer is gonna be extremely hot but what better way to cool off than to take a dip at the beach 🙂 As we all know, 

Cable Hut Beach

Beach Day! You gotta love Jamaica, I was so looking forward to Christmas Holidays so I could go to the beach with my friends. Originally I wanted to go to the beach for my birthday but since it fell on a weekday I moved the 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

It’s the first Expression Wednesday of 2016 and I wasn’t sure what kind of expression to share with you, I have some eye candy of a cloudy day at the beach for the featured image as well as music to bring some good vibes to your day.

Featured image by Nicholi Stevens.


Beach Day

Fun in the sun-ish! The sun went in and out during the day but we didn’t mind at all. I love going over Minkah’s house 🙂 We did the trod to Bull Bay on Sunday. We gathered at her house, hailing up her mom and 

One Day Getaway

I dream of the day, the day I’ll getaway. Away to my favourite place. Not to stay, just for a day, a day in that beautiful space, with my favourite faces. The wind, the sand, the sun, the fun! with my best friends Just one day, and I’ll 

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hi 🙂

Today I have a picture for you by you by Tivar Seivwright, I like his page on FaceBook, Tivar Seivwright Photography and I stumbled upon this picture. I love it.

Minimanlism TivarS

“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something. -Nicholas Burroughs”

Title: Minimalism
Location: Jamaica

FaceBook: Tivar Seivwright Photography 

Instagram: Tivar Seivwright Photography

Enjoy the simple things in life.


Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂 Today I have a picture for you and a quote too. “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Don’t be disheartened by the bad times, because only then will the good times shine brightly.