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  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone ­čÖé October 19th was the birthday of, reggae musician, the great┬áPeter Tosh.┬áAn original┬ámember of The Wailers (band), who decided to take the solo path, and shined, till his death at the age of 42.┬áLast Saturday, following┬áhis 72nd birthday,┬áthe “Peter Tosh Museum” was launched in Kingston, Jamaica (not yet open to the public.)┬áSo today […]

  • ´╗┐Birthday Tings: 21!

    I didn’t do any lavish party for my 21st birthday but I had fun! As always as long as there’s good vibes I’d be happy ­čÖé and I was. First off I went on a lunch date with my best friend, Lexxi, at Mi Hungry, our fave vegetarian spot. It’s near our houses so I think […]

  • 1 2 3 4 Cupcakes With A Twist

    For my friend’s Earthstrong (Birthday), @kultureshocked and I decided to make him some cupcakes but we didn’t wanna do regular cupcakes, they had to be special. I saw this Rasta coloured┬ácake on Facebook but I didn’t want to do it like that so I searched and Lexxi suggested 1234 cupcakes and I thought it was […]

  • My Birthday!

    Yesterday, December 22nd was my birthday; I’ve made it to 2 decades (20)┬á& I really have to give thanks ­čÖé I dyed my hair purple and aqua; here’s a sneak peek of me from Saturday, Live from Kingston is how I really celebrated my birthday.