Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! A month ago Blvk H3ro released this song but if you haven’t heard it, it’s still new music. There have been a lot of releases over the past weeks, so it’s finally time to share this song. H3ro released On & On for 

In The Blessed Indies

This is the week following Jamaica’s Independence Day so I had to share this song with you. It’s no Natural Mystic but they share a host of gems about Jamaica, as well as giving shout outs to the other Caribbean Islands. Kione does a short 

Expression Wednesdays

Hello 🙂

This one is out of the Alpine Compound, produced by Mr. Wavy Jones, featuring sounds from Jeeby Lyricist, Blvk H3ro and Kione Zaire. We can all appreciate a nice derrière, and so this song talks about that 100lb ting, take a listen.

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The New Wave

The debut. I got to the Stones Throw Bar at 9:30, when (Dj) The Stamma was running the Dj stand. He was relieved by Dj Jimmy Q at 10pm. Patrick and I conversed, enjoying the ambiance Stones Throw had to offer. It had aTiki Hut 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! Monday was officially Buss Weh Day! 😀 BLVK H3RO and The Grei Show from the Buss Weh team released music videos for two of their songs, “Kush & Schweppes” by H3RO, and “Blind Without Shades” by Grei. Today I’m sharing both videos with 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

For International Day of Peace or as we say in Jamaica, “Peace Day” I’m sharing a song from BLVK H3RO. The official music video premiered last week and I figured today is perfect to share it. “We All Are O.N.E.” speaks about love, peace and unity, as we all are one. The video also has some scenes at Fleet Street, that I spoke about yesterday, here, watch the video below.

Follow H3RO on his social media, Twitter: @BlvkH3ro Facebook: BLVK H3RO & Instagram: @BlvkH3ro.


Sankofa Sessions: BLVK H3RO

A Sankofa Session is a place filled with good energies, painting, and good music. The founder, Iset Sankofa, deejays her favourite selections of African Music and World Music; for the patrons to enjoy while relaxing, and painting. Sankofa Sessions are at Ashanti Oasis Restaurant, 12 Braemar 

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Expression Wednesdays

The Jamaican Owl, commonly known as a Patoo (for the sound of its ‘hoots’) is endemic to Jamaica. I learned that many years ago on Earth Day, when I skipped a day in high school to volunteer at Hope Zoo.

“Look at me as poor as I be, I’m free, happy like the birds in the trees, just watch my story unfold…”

Shot taken out by Chudleigh Pass in Manchester, Jamaica.

When Nicholi sent me that photo I knew I had to share it on my blog one day, and the day reach 🙂 I think owls are mystical, probably because I don’t see them as often as a next person but isn’t the one in the photo cute? I think it’s cute. I’m not gonna go on and on about owls but when I do see one I look in awe like a little kid.

Anyway I have a song I want you to listen while you’re here, it’s “My Story” by Blvk H3ro.

Image by Nicholi Stevens.


Reggae Riot

Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts | UWI, St. Andrew Firstly I must commend the Elysium team because this concert was heavily promoted, and as the days dragged on I grew even more excited. What surprised us all, was that everyday a new act was added to the