A Dash Of Spice

They love classic art
The framed paintings of ladies
We’re the J’ouvert.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Painted & Lady.


The Caribbean Natural Hair Show

Hello Everyone 🙂

I’m gonna try my best to explain lol, see what had happened was, it a 12pm-8pm event, and I got there at about 6:15. My Sunday was busy okay, I almost didn’t make the event. I went with one of my best friends, Denni, when I got there he had already circled the room, twice, and listened to a discussion. Of course we went around the room again, so I could look at the products that were on sale, many different brands could be seen, Shea Moisture, Eco Styler, Cantu and a couple locally made products to name a few.  Continue reading “The Caribbean Natural Hair Show”

Rude Gyal Trademark #1. Bending Over

Dwl! True

Caribbean Party

I listen to any genre of music, hip hop, pop, rap, rock, alternative, country, RnB, gospel, dub step, soca, as long as I like the song.

My fave genre of music is reggae, which is a part of Jamaica’s culture but I have to admit I do listen to dancehall, though some people don’t like the rawness of it, it’s also a part of the Jamaican culture and I was grown on it, I do dance to it as well.

Dancehall has 3 main types of songs, there are dancing chunes (tunes) which are songs that tell you what dance moves to do, for example Everybody Dance by RDX or Tek Weh Yuself by Mr. Vegas; there are bad man chunes which are Continue reading “Caribbean Party”

Who I am and Why I’m here

I’m young and I’m just experiencing life… No, my name isn’t young, I’m Rashida.

On my blog I’m trying to show my Jamaica to the world. Yes I live in the Jamaica but what I mean by my Jamaica, is the experiences. Continue reading “Who I am and Why I’m here”