One Coco: Ngozi

Ngozi Sweet Blessings isn’t new to my blog but her products have grown dear to my heart. This purchase was a Christmas gift for my little sister, a scented candle was on her wish list, and I got her this one. I’m waving the buy Jamaican build Jamaica banner into 2018.

Ngozi was an independent vendor at the New Wave Celebrity Closet; this was a thrift-shop event that sold clothes previously owned by celebrity and media personalities. I actually bought 3 articles of clothing, for barely anything, it was a good time. I bought the candle in the scent Tangerine Peach because my sis had a liking to fruity scented things.

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I believe this is the smallest size candle they sell. I’m not gonna rate this product because it’s not mine but my sister likes it, she burns it all the time.

Check out Ngozi on Instagram and Facebook @NgoziSweetBlessings to see more of what they have to offer, and to purchase.


One Coco

Asherlee Naturals

This Coco is an ongoing purchase, it’s the moisturizer I use in my hair, the Asherlee Nourishing Daily Hair Butter Cream. It’s made mainly of natural ingredients and my hair loves it, it can be used on wet or dry hair (I can always count on it for a mid-week twist out.) My Aunt loves their Pro-Vitamin B5 Marshmallow Root Leave-in Conditioning Cream, I haven’t tried it yet cause I use the Cantu Shea Butter as my leave-in right now, and it works for me. Definitely check this brand out though, I feel that since two products work well for two different hair types (my aunt and I have natural hair) it’s worth a shot. Oh! It’s also good for processed hair, so don’t sleep on it!

Ignore the dust! Dwl! The smaller container (4oz) is empty, and the 8oz is my current one.
Ignore the dust! Dwl! The smaller container (4oz) is empty, and the 8oz is my current one.

Asherlee products are available in most hair product stores in Jamaica, you can view what she has to offer on Instagram: @AsherleeNaturals, and make your purchase on their website or Facebook: Asherlee Naturals.


One Coco

Slang Teez Clothing

Slang Teez, like a lot of the Jamaican brands I’ve found, was on Instagram; I was just scrolling along, maybe hopped on the explore page, and happened to stumble onto them. The clothes looked trendy yet different, and a bonus to me was that they were a Jamaican business, so I followed them. The first thing I bought was a black “876ix” hat.

Then I purchased a crop top from them, when I got the top they only had the nude but a month or two later they added the top in white and black.

Take a look at what Slang Teez has to offer at or Instagram: @SlangTeez or Facebook: Slang Teez and make a purchase today! P.S. International shipping is available.

Crop top photos by Universal Reggae.


One Coco

Momo Penelli

In the One One Coco introduction post I told you that I started crossing things off my Jamaican Brand list, here is one coco in my basket. I bought a Fashion Kimono from Momo in December 2015. The prints she has are so nice; December is my birth month so I had to turn up- and look good while doing it- it was a gift to myself.

I also bought two pairs of earrings from her, on different occasions.

Momo Penelli Designs is on Instagram: @MomoPenelliDesigns & Facebook: Momo Penelli Designs Contact her for order inquiries. Learn how she started her business in my previous article, check it out here.