Dinner at Tea Tree Crêperie

80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston

My visit to Tea Tree Creperie was long overdue; I have a little obsession with France, and I was pleased to know we had our own crepe restaurant in Jamaica. Before the end of 2017, I finally got to go, I went with my friend, Ryan. The first thing that stood out to me was the odd decor, all the glass at the establishment were covered in writing and doodles from guests… Of course I’d decided I wanted to write on the glass too. The second thing that stood out was the delicious aroma of meals being prepared.

It seems like we picked a good night to dine; along with two other couples, we were the only people inside. They had outdoor seating as well as a good amount of space inside the building. We picked a seat we liked and a waitress promptly came over and gave us menus. This decision was so hard, they had so many good options on their menu, from sweet to savoury and it’s not limited to crepes. She returned with glasses of water then took our orders; I took the Philly Cheese Steak Crepe, and he took the Chez MEX Crepe.

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My first thought was, “why this beef look like it want some ketchup?” Then I tasted it and ate those thoughts with it. It was delicious, and it had so…much…cheese. The sweet peppers were a great burst of flavour too, I enjoyed my pick but I couldn’t finish it. That is a sign that a meal is worth it’s price to me; it was a large serving, well larger than I had expected. Of course I had to taste some of Ryan’s Chez MEX, I liked it, and I feel like it had more cheese than mine, I especially liked the kick of spiciness it had. But I liked the Philly Cheese Steak Crepe more. We both had glasses of lemonade, which was good, it’s hard to mess up lemonade. For dessert, we shared a 2 bite cheese cake, which really should count as one bite but it was delicious nonetheless, I really liked the crust.

I will definitely be back, their menu has so much to offer, and next time I think I will get a sweet crepe. The location is good, they have an ample amount of seating. The service was great, and quick too, I really appreciated how fast we were served. The price range is reasonable to me, it is what you would expect to spend at a restaurant, it wasn’t expensive. I definitely recommend you give Tea Tree Creperie a try, I like it.

Follow their social media pages @TeaTreeCreperie.


Upcoming Events!

TGIF! The weekend is here, although this weekend seems slow. Here’s my event suggestions for you. A bit of partying and food, seasoned nicely with music, check it out! Continue reading “Upcoming Events!”

Upcoming Events!

How has February been treating you so far? To put it frankly this has been my worst Reggae Month to date but the month isn’t over, and there’s still more events scheduled. I’ll be sharing a few upcoming events that I know about with you, check them out below. Continue reading “Upcoming Events!”

Restaurant Week 2016

Eat in Dine out!

This year is the 12th staging of the annual Restaurant Week, the week is from November 11-19th. It is a celebration of something we all love, food, and that too at discounted rates. The participating restaurants are placed in different categories, based on the price at which the meals will be offered. The price is per person and covers, appetizer, main course and dessert; while drinks, GCT, and gratuity are additional. Continue reading “Restaurant Week 2016”

Café Hooligang

Who doesn’t love food? I wanted to share with you one of my favourite little cafés to get a meal before my evening classes. I first saw Café Hooligang when I ventured a bit further down Half Way Tree Road than usual in search of a Nescafé machine, I was in serious need of a coffee top up. Convinced I wouldn’t make it through class without it, I walked to the nearest fast food restaurant, Fish Pot. Tired, and now devastated, they didn’t have any coffee, just tea.

I started the trod back up the road, and right on the corner of Beechwood Avenue and Half Way Tree Road stood Café Hooligang. It must have been fate, what good luck to find a café to satiate my coffee lust. Unfortunately I didn’t get coffee that day, because their coffee machine was down. I did buy a slice of pizza though, and that definitely lifted my spirit.

Chicken Alfredo & Garlic Bread along with a complimentary mint ball 🙂

I hadn’t been there in a while but today I felt for their Chicken Alfredo (which comes with garlic bread.) They sell a variety of foods, they have tea, coffee, sandwiches, wraps, salads, pasta, burgers, hot dogs… I’m gonna stop making you hungry now 😂 You should stop by and check them out for yourself one day.


Pizza Please!

Jamaica has been graced with a new fast food restaurant that has us shouting Pizza Please!


In December my bestie, Tum, and I were in Half Way Tree doing Christmas gift shopping and we saw the “Pizza Please” sign up in Mall Plaza, being the pizza lover I am, I grew excited at the new pizza venture. This pizza place straight out of Italy, opened early January 2016 with new twists to the regular pizza.  PP3Their pizzas are sold by the slice, with a variety of toppings, the twist is that these toppings are used in everyday Jamaican meals.  Some of the toppings include cabbage, irish potatoes, red herring, jerk chicken/pork, ackee & saltfish, callaloo, and more. Continue reading “Pizza Please!”

Chilitos Jamexican Food!


Chilitos provides Mexican food with a Jamaican twist, hence the name Chilitos Jamexican. I’ve had various encounters with Chilitos but I finally went there to sit down and have a meal, they’re located at 64 Hope Road.

They’re open on Mondays to Saturdays from 11am-11pm, and of those days they have 3 specials: Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Fiesta Fridays. On Margarita Mondays, purchase margaritas for just $200JMD each, while the Giant Beerita is $1,200JMD (sharable for 3-4 friends.) On Taco Tuesdays, tacos are $200JMD each, Cash only. Fiesta Fridays is for partying or just ‘Chilling’ with their drink specials.


This week my best friend, Gabby, and I went there for Taco Tuesday. We ordered five tacos each and the healthy choice of bottled water as our drink. I was surprised that the food was prepared so quickly, by the time we finished ordering and took a seat at one of the picnic tables in the outdoor dining area the food was placed in front of us, no less than 5 mins later.


I had Continue reading “Chilitos Jamexican Food!”

Things we love about Jamaican Culture

Hiya 🙂 I did a small survey, I asked people I’m friends with on facebook “What’s their favourite thing about Jamaican Culture?” and when I tallied the results, the food and the music were the most loved things, followed by our vibes and kindness/carefree attitude.


Here’s what we love about our Jamaican Culture: Continue reading “Things we love about Jamaican Culture”

The Observer Food Awards

Thursday, May 29, 2014
 When Gabby (My best friend)  invited me to The Observer Food Awards, the morning of the awards, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. It’s an aqua dress my mom had bought and I had never worn it. Continue reading “The Observer Food Awards”