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Protoje’s new single “Blood Money” is a perfectly aimed shot at the Government, and the injustice at large in Jamaica but who the cap fits, let them wear it. With the mellow instrumental and defined bass you wouldn’t believe how much truth, as unfortunate as it 

One One Coco

Hi everyone! I’m introducing a new feature to my blog titled “One Coco” which was inspired by the Jamaican Proverb “One, one coco full basket.” It simply means success cannot be achieved over night, work on it, little by little to achieve your goal. This feature will show my effort 

Gloria's Seafood

I went to THE Gloria’s Seafood restaurant for the first time last week. My aunt is in Jamaica for vacation, and she was hell-bent on going there for some fried fish. The drive from my house to Port Royal took us about 45 minutes.

We weren’t completely sure where we were going but we found it; I got excited as we approached the bright yellow sign displaying the name. They were prepared for large amounts of patrons, as they had a large tent outside with white plastic tables and chairs, parallel to the wooden building standing at two stories high. We got a table on the second floor and soon placed our order.

Grandma having Fish Tea.
Grandma having Fish Tea.

If you’ve heard about Gloria’s you must know, that you don’t go there hungry, unless you want to run the risk of getting gas. The wait time to get your meal is extremely long, the wait stage consists of: small talk with your guests, you begin to daydream, you feel your stomach start to turn, you wonder if the waitress forgot you, you check your social media. It took us about an hour to get our meals, I could hear the trumpets playing when my eyes caught sight of our waitress at the top of the stairs, WITH the food.

Let me tell you though, it was definitely worth the wait. I ordered Steamed Fish with Festival as my side dish, as well as my Grandma and Mom, but with Steamed Bammy as their side. My aunt ordered Fried Fish with Fried Bammy as her side, my cousin ordered Honey Jerk Shrimp with White Rice, and my sister the same but with Fries as her side.

Our table.
Our table.

My steamed fish was delicious, I got a huge snapper, plated with raw shredded vegetables, it was steamed with some okra, onions, pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots. I was vex that I only got one piece of carrot cause it was nice steamed, and I don’t eat okra which the plate happened to be filled with. It was moist and well seasoned with just the right amount of pepper, mi seh! mi glad the whole scotch bonnet pepper never end up in my plate cause the two seed I got nearly kill me. They have the right link for the scotches, I swear. Their festivals were good as well, is not everybody have the recipe on point, they have it though.

My Steamed Fish and Festival.

All in all it was a good experience, I enjoyed my meal and I’d recommend anybody to go there, though the wait is long, the food is great. Also I’d go at night because the sea breeze a it, we felt none of the summer heat. P.S. Patronize the vendor and buy two jelly coconuts, her van is right next door.



Excuse my camera quality, I just have an iPhone 5.

Expression Wednesdays

I have bad news everyone; with Jamaicans across the island pondering whether to roast or fry breadfruit, I fear we will soon come to an end, as a nation. The sun is so hot, persons are melting at a rapid pace, everyday. With hot heads 

Bacchanal Beach J'ouvert

Since 2016 is the year to ‘Get There’ or ‘Shoot Your Shot’ I had decided this was the year I was going to have my first Beach J’ouvert experience. I had heard so many good stories, I had to go, and that I did 🙂 

Pizza Please!

Jamaica has been graced with a new fast food restaurant that has us shouting Pizza Please!


In December my bestie, Tum, and I were in Half Way Tree doing Christmas gift shopping and we saw the “Pizza Please” sign up in Mall Plaza, being the pizza lover I am, I grew excited at the new pizza venture. This pizza place straight out of Italy, opened early January 2016 with new twists to the regular pizza.  PP3Their pizzas are sold by the slice, with a variety of toppings, the twist is that these toppings are used in everyday Jamaican meals.  Some of the toppings include cabbage, irish potatoes, red herring, jerk chicken/pork, ackee & saltfish, callaloo, and more. Continue reading Pizza Please!

Devon House

One can never get too old for ice cream! I’m sure everyone has heard about the famous Devon House I-Scream, as a matter of fact The Food Herald did a post about it recently, check it out here: “Devon House Creamery.” Devon House is one of Jamaica’s National Monuments, it was 

The Genesis

Hey everyone! The theme for Reggae Month 2016 is ‘Reggae Mekyah‘ I like it 🙂 Ziggy Marely’s 1991 studio album with the Melody Makers was titled “Jahmekya” and people take the title and run with it, as it’s a nice term, ‘JahMekYah‘ (Jamaica) which means “Jah made 

Expression Wednesdays

I have a few qualms about this Reggae Month. First off the location for the Reggae Wednesday concerts have been moved from the Ranny Williams Centre, Hope Road to the Nelson Mandela Park, Half Way Tree, two of my friends and I were preeing the calendar to see what this year looked like… and when we saw that, there were three consecutive “HOW?’s” Lijit, (legitimately) there is barely any space in Mandela Park, HOW do they expect it to fit the crowd the concert’s draw weekly? I really just want to see how they plan do this. My friend Lexxi complained about the acoustics, how would the performances sound being smack dab in the middle of Half Way Tree, with two bus and taxi stands bordering it’s north and south perimeter? Bredda your guess is as good as mine.

Secondly the Bob Marley birthday concert that was held last year for his 70th is being held again this year, the venue has changed. They moved it from Waterfront in Downtown, Kingston to Sabina Park on South Camp Road. Why? I just can’t fathom the decisions this year. I don’t like the idea of a concert being in an arena/stadium; this is the reason Grand Gala, which is kept on our Independece Day, annoys me, it is held in the National Stadium, I don’t like it simply because the audience is too far from the stage. Being close to the artiste while they perform is the pleasure of a concert, for me that is. It feels more personal that way.

Today is the first Reggae Wednesday concert of Reggae Month 2016 and I guess we shall all have to see how this Reggae Month plays out, check back for updates, until then, keep Jammin’!

Featured image from Cocorrina.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 Today imma talk about the featured image, #BigUpEveryCountryMan, my friend, Nich went to “Country” in December, Country being any rural area that typically takes about an hour or more to reach from Kingston. He picked some carrots on his family farm, and