Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

I’m convinced good things happen on Wednesdays, that’s why I chose today to share art with you through Expression Wednesdays. If the song I’m sharing today doesn’t hype you up for your future, then it look well dark fi you. Firstly I have to big up the producers, cause the riddim neat, as well as Khari Kamau for the interesting cover art. In Destiny Leno Banton chants about putting faith in Jah Jah to ensure you reach your destiny. The one called JoeDon is featured on this track, he raps about putting up a fight for his future. This song is for the days you feel like life is fighting against your goals, take a listen to Destiny.

“Seh Jah Jah eva tek di wheel fi mi
Providing mi everything mi need
So mi can reach my destiny”




Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

How about we pretend I posted this on Wednesday? Sorry about the lateness, I had some technical difficulties. I decided to still post this week because I’m feeling the song, you get a taste of an Indie vibe with a feel of Dancehall but that could just be me. Leno’s voice gives a Dancehall vibe haha! I like it. So, I had to share this as soon as possible; here is “Gypsy” by Leno Banton.

Check him out on SoundCloud as Leno Banton, and on Twitter @LenoBanton.


Expression Wednesdays

Hello 🙂

I sat here trying to think of a way to put a phrase into this sentence but in the meanwhile I’ll ask you to take a listen to “Meanwhile” by Royal Blu & Leno Banton. This upbeat track will have you blazing through traffic and dabbin’ at your desk in the office. It was produced by JLL and the artwork designed by Paige Zombie & Khari Kamau.

You can find @TheRoyalBlu & @LenoBanton on Twitter.



REMSZN is the first album out of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) ‘Living Dream’ which is a collective of creative individuals, each nurturing different talents. REMSZN is the brain child of Leno Banton, writer and singer on the album. The project had members of REM executing their talents, SNR exclusively produced it, Irie Girl sang on a track, and Khari Kamau and Kxrly Miyagi (Karlando) did the artwork.

Leno Banton
Leno Banton

“…Done dancing with the demons, I’m in a different place. Selah.”

See the track list below, and take a listen:


I like REMSZN; SNR and Leno came with a different vibe for this one, and it definitely worked! The songs tell a story, and the flow from song to song is pleasant, it starts off with a warrior like strength and ends with love. My fave songs from the project are “Buffalo SoulJAH,” “Eight7Six,” ‘LVLs” and “Regime.” The lyrics are good, and I love that, for me personally I look out for nice lyrics when listening to new music. I also like the small interludes or ‘Medz’ as it’s called on the album, where you get to feel a little more of Leno as a person. He speaks his thoughts on life between the tracks, the topics include Self-awareness-which seemed to take a lead throughout the project- Marijuana, Spirituality, Uplifting the youth of Jamaica, & Appreciation of family, and friends who are family.

“Inna di Blessed Indies, Rapid Eye Movement…”

Tell me what you think about the album in the comments below! Keep in the know, follow Leno Banton on Twitter: @LenoBanton. REMSZN is available for download for free, here, or click the download button on the Soundcloud page, here. Also, take a look at what the REM Collective has in store on their website, here.