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Bae Vibes!

Stones Throw Bar | December 18, 2017 This was near the end of the exam period for most university students, as you would expect, we had a packed venue… the people came out to enjoy themselves. Dj Stamma ran the mixing table first, playing music 

Bae Vibes!

Stones Throw Bar, Kingston The music was LOUD or turned all the way up, Stones Throw Bar had quickly become one of my favourite event spaces because of the intimacy of the space. The stage was small and perfect for an acoustic performance. The main seating 

Upcoming Events! 

Hey guys, summer is coming to a close, so let’s make the best of it. The events are still up and running, here is a short list of things happening this week. Comment below if you’re interested in checking out one of these events!

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New Wave

Easter Monday This holiday started off great, I didn’t up early yet I cleaned my room, cooked some lunch to carry to work the following day and got ready in a timely manor to touch the road. New Wave was the event, featuring live music 

Upcoming Events!

How has February been treating you so far? To put it frankly this has been my worst Reggae Month to date but the month isn’t over, and there’s still more events scheduled. I’ll be sharing a few upcoming events that I know about with you, check them out below.

KOTE 2016: Connections

Kinston On The Edge Urban Festival

KOTE is  an annual event which came about simply to showcase the art that is happening in Kingston. It is a celebration of the creativity we have, that aren’t necessarily given a chance to be seen by the wider society; the works are showcased outside of the traditional spaces. By Art, it is not only pieces on canvas, the live music that is giving Jamaica life is incorporated as well. The theme for KOTE 2016 was Connections, which inspired some of art work.

My best friend and I opted to do some volunteering for KOTE this year. We were in charge of selling T-shirts at the different events, not all of course because the KOTE week was filled with activities. Fun fact: KOTE was established in the 2007.

Our station at the Opening event.

The opening event was hosted at the Redbones Blues Café; it went quite smoothly, I enjoyed  it, though I was working I was hearing the performances loud and clear. I also took a stroll around and saw some of the artwork; I tried to take some photos for you, just so you could glimpse the beautiful pieces.

Jermaine Morgan:

Patrick Planter:

Michael Steffen:

Marcella Seivwright:

I know the photos aren’t that great but it’s the thought that counts. Look out for KOTE 2017 by liking their Facebook page: Kingston On The Edge and keeping an eye on the website: www.KingstonOnTheEdge.org.



Sankofa Sessions: BLVK H3RO

A Sankofa Session is a place filled with good energies, painting, and good music. The founder, Iset Sankofa, deejays her favourite selections of African Music and World Music; for the patrons to enjoy while relaxing, and painting. Sankofa Sessions are at Ashanti Oasis Restaurant, 12 Braemar 

Upcoming Events!

Don’t be stuck at home, bored out your mind! If you don’t have anything planned this week, here are a few events to check out!

Love, Light & Fire

Spades Lounge | Kingston, Jamaica

I knew I couldn’t miss this concert from the day I saw the lineup. I’m a big fan of Zosia, I love her voice; and the rest of the lineup, I came to find out was just as amazing. The name Love, Light & Fire was integrated into the working of the show. Zosia, the first act, represented Love, Vanessa Lee represented Light, and Anna Mariah brought the Fire.


Love: Zosia McGregror, the lady in red, she started off the night on a lovely tone, (pun intended) she had a beautiful connection with her band as she belted out her songs. She sang covers, and originals such as: “I Love You,” “Lover’s Rock” and “Pretty Girls;” I think Pretty Girls was my favourite as it had strong words of encouragement to pretty girls everywhere, telling them things will get better some day… Maybe not today but tomorrow. I can’t explain or should I say describe the magnitude of how amazing Zosia’s voice is, if you get the chance, definitely go listen to her live.

Vanessa Lee & I :)
Vanessa Lee & I 🙂

Light: Vanessa Lee, it was my first time hearing this Barbadian, she has spunk and a nice vibe, I love her voice, it honestly reminds me of Lauryn Hill. To me her voice rang beautifully in her original song “Conversation and Weed,” it’s a sexy song (that I can’t wait for her to release!) her voice and the lyrics made it entertaining. She won me over with that one.

Anna Mariah
Anna Mariah

Fire: Anna Mariah, she tun up di ting from the end of Rising Stars to now, she sounds more refined. Her voice is amazing as well, can’t deny that, and she proved it with the Whitney Houston medley she did; she sang the songs strong and her high notes were on point; she even confessed that she was getting over the flu at the time. Her cover of “Here” by Alessia Cara fully gave me life, after a few more covers, she sang two original songs, “Sail Away” and “Rush,” they’re both good but I liked Rush better. I also made a video of the end of her performance, you can watch it below.

I enjoyed the concert, the only problem for me was the venue, it was my first time at the Spades Lounge actually, and I had wondered how it would be conducive to a concert. Though it was just three acts, and an intimate setting, it wasn’t a good  venue choice to me.


Some of the photos are from Keon Prendi Photography, and are watermarked.


Why Reggae?

Why Reggae?

“I think that’s why many reggae artistes are focused on the message of the music and not the stardom.” -Chronixx Taken from the article ” ‘My Success Is Not Measured By What People Think’ – Reggae Star Chronixx” read more here… And that my friends, is