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A Good Thing

You’re so secluded, your emotions, your thoughts. I’m still a little lost as it comes to you…us. I can tell it’s not just lust. There’s a connection, we click. And as lost as I may be I can’t get you out of my mind. Just 

Your Intent Is Peeking Out

Yo… you ever looking in somebody’s eyes and you can just feel their sexual intent? dwl. Eyes are definitely the window to the soul. Featured image from Pinterest.

Love Is Just Like Falling Asleep

They say to fall in love, is just like falling asleep.
At first, slowly…then all at once. Not a peep.
Wasting no time, sleep overcomes me.

That must be lovely, a peaceful rest.
I agree, slightly, for my nights are the best.
Wasting no time, sleep overcomes me.

My bed is my best friend, always comforting.
I need not look elsewhere to place my comfort in.
Wasting no time, sleep overcomes me.

My eyes twinkle, and my heart gives a shout.
Simply for me, I just knock out.
Wasting no time, love overcomes me.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Sleep, I tried my hand at a ballad.




Wow!!!!!!! I just bucked up this poem “More Than Words” on the blog Follow Your Shadow, and the first line alone hol’ mi. “I’d rather be the rhythm than the lyrics” and that brought this out of me: I’d rather be the rhythm than the 

Sugar Coated

You make her so weak I’ve not heard silence so sweet This loud girl gone meek. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Loud Silence.

One Body

Love the skin you’re in

Involved, skin to skin

It’s not a sin.

Body to body 

Not with everybody.

It’s sang in every song 

The songs we love to sing.

Love the skin you’re in.

Poetry Rehab 101: Skin, I wrote this a while back and didn’t post it, I felt like it was too short and that could have added more but I read it again this morning and decided it was fine 🙂 lol here’s to an almost a month old topic.


This Ain't YOL(ove)O

“Love with no regrets.”

Some Of Your Time

Tell me, do you mind? I could use some of your time. Pitching lines of mine. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Pitch & Time : http://wp.me/p4y9jb-nJo

Tame Me

You and I
Me and you
When we’re together
there’s no feeling blue.
I love a challenge,
a hard mountain to climb,
you make it hard to whine.
Smiles and your laughter
make it so worth the while.
You know this too,
I do love you…
But can you tame this rebel?

And then I breathed and it came to me lool 🙂 Poetry 101 Rehab: Couple.

Even your heart can have two sides to the story…right?


Why Not

It’s quite… sad this theme didn’t make me glad. At a first glance it did then the ideas scattered, and hid. I have feelings for you yet this prompt still made me blue. And that’s why I’ll live my single life because you’d be happier