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Picture Perfect

I saw you, in a cluttered place my head woozy like outer space. I couldn’t see the deception, picture perfect… But you transformed. Are u a decepticon? or is this inception? I got even friendlier with Mary Jane, she made me love the sound of 


My teacher taught me this little thing, it goes, like this: “GIGO… Garbage in, Garbage out” We accountants, we account, so when he said GIGO, he meant on your calculator, garbage in? garbage out. Don’t sprout rubbish. This just caught, a drift of thought. With 


Eyes downcast, skies overcast.
Thunder rumbling matching my state,
of mind, minding my  own business.
The lightening mimicking the fire in my eyes.
The bad vibes drifting away in the wind
But when will we see the light again?

Poetry 101 rehab: Dark.


The Right Thing

You well and know you don’t want the Earth to be hurt. The farmers plant & you expect things to grow how can they? when you abuse the dirt. There’s one Earth, let’s get it right this time, Don’t continue this cycle. Do your part, clean up 

Tame Me

You and I Me and you When we’re together there’s no feeling blue. I love a challenge, a hard mountain to climb, you make it hard to whine. Smiles and your laughter make it so worth the while. You know this too, I do love you… 

Why Not

It’s quite… sad
this theme didn’t make me glad.
At a first glance it did
then the ideas scattered, and hid.
I have feelings for you
yet this prompt still made me blue.
And that’s why I’ll live my single life
because you’d be happier without me as your wife.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Couple.

I find this weird ideas flowed for sugar but when it came to couple my brain didn’t know anymore; sidenote: that’s so me in life right now D: Well seeing as this poem was sad lol take a listen to Couple Up by Konshens to cheer up 🙂

Featured image by Gabrielle Sterling.



Sugar, your eyes…those lips Spice, your tongue, what a cute lisp Everything Nice. A Haiku too, Poetry 101 Rehab: Sugar. Featured image by Nicholi Stevens.

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

Contagious sweetness, a burst of energy, just like Chocolate-coloured, my favourite. Oh! so strong, swirls as I stir Froth sits on top, don’t sip just yet For it’s still too hot. Every morning my mind runs, Expecting my coffee. Hot, strong and very sweet Just like you. 

A Smile A Day

I paint on my smile
conceal my bags, with laughter
bring forth five, the end.

For Poetry Rehab 101: Day I tried a Haiku.


No Apologies

Rum in my cup, the fete tun up. I have no apologies, for my behavior. The crowd surrounding me, my girls beside of me, my man behind of me, wining under the moonlight. Soca blasting, vibes and hands up high! We were living the life, no