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Upcoming Events!

How has February been treating you so far? To put it frankly this has been my worst Reggae Month to date but the month isn’t over, and there’s still more events scheduled. I’ll be sharing a few upcoming events that I know about with you, check them out below.

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 We’re in the midst of Reggae Month, so I must do my part by sharing some of the new music slashing through the reggae industry. Jah9 released her album “9” near the end of 2016 to bring us love and light into the 

Expression Wednesdays: Reggae Mecca

Hi Everyone 🙂

In Jamaica, February is Reggae Month, and so today my second favourite month begins; also today is the Birthday of a legendary Reggae icon, Dennis Emmanuel Brown. The theme for Reggae Month 2017 is “Reggae Mecca.”

Reggae Month, the celebration of not just a genre but a culture, I look forward to February every year for the festivities, the liveliness, and the free concerts. Some key Reggae Month activities are the Reggae Wednesday concerts at Mandela Park in Half Way Tree, Kingston, the first one is tonight. As well as JaRIA’s Reggae Open University sittings, every week, where topics relating to Reggae music and the industry are discussed by a panel of qualified persons. Apart from those, the Reggae month calendar will show you most of this month’s activities. Come out to the concert tonight! The theme is “Di Root.”

We celebrate you Dennis, thank you for the great music, to us you still live on. Take a listen, and enjoy because I ended up making a small playlist 🙂


Expression Wednesdays

The busier time at work for me is January to March, and it hurts me every year because a lot of events happen during that same period; I’ll go to the events but I work everyday (plus overtime) so there’s little time to make the 

The Genesis

Hey everyone! The theme for Reggae Month 2016 is ‘Reggae Mekyah‘ I like it 🙂 Ziggy Marely’s 1991 studio album with the Melody Makers was titled “Jahmekya” and people take the title and run with it, as it’s a nice term, ‘JahMekYah‘ (Jamaica) which means “Jah made 

Expression Wednesdays

I have a few qualms about this Reggae Month. First off the location for the Reggae Wednesday concerts have been moved from the Ranny Williams Centre, Hope Road to the Nelson Mandela Park, Half Way Tree, two of my friends and I were preeing the calendar to see what this year looked like… and when we saw that, there were three consecutive “HOW?’s” Lijit, (legitimately) there is barely any space in Mandela Park, HOW do they expect it to fit the crowd the concert’s draw weekly? I really just want to see how they plan do this. My friend Lexxi complained about the acoustics, how would the performances sound being smack dab in the middle of Half Way Tree, with two bus and taxi stands bordering it’s north and south perimeter? Bredda your guess is as good as mine.

Secondly the Bob Marley birthday concert that was held last year for his 70th is being held again this year, the venue has changed. They moved it from Waterfront in Downtown, Kingston to Sabina Park on South Camp Road. Why? I just can’t fathom the decisions this year. I don’t like the idea of a concert being in an arena/stadium; this is the reason Grand Gala, which is kept on our Independece Day, annoys me, it is held in the National Stadium, I don’t like it simply because the audience is too far from the stage. Being close to the artiste while they perform is the pleasure of a concert, for me that is. It feels more personal that way.

Today is the first Reggae Wednesday concert of Reggae Month 2016 and I guess we shall all have to see how this Reggae Month plays out, check back for updates, until then, keep Jammin’!

Featured image from Cocorrina.


February is?

Hello February, the second month of 2016, a second chance to start a new, fresh, and better at the resolutions we decided on in January. Today is the birthday of the legendary Dennis Brown and we haffi big him up, and give thanks for his 

Ancient Future Live

Protoje announced the date of his next local concert, Ancient Future Live, at the end of 2015. I did a post to shout out to House of the Arts last week, where I posted the link to my guest post on their site, “Awaiting The Ancient 

The Bloodlines Concert

The first staging of JaRIA’s Reggae Wednesday Concerts was centered around Artistes who have done the music industry proud and their children or grandchildren who also do music.

I gotta big up the Armshouse Crew dwl (dead wid laugh) 😀 Continue reading The Bloodlines Concert

JaRIA Live

JaRIA Live Tuesdays miss me and they will for Reggae Month lol I have a class on that day that finishes at 8:30pm and I really can’t make my way to the Ranny Williams Centre after that.