Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

*Drum rolls* Today we have something new from Royal Blu. It wasn’t in the early morning that he released this song but it had your girl wishing that it was. Royal Blu gave us “Early Morning” a while back, it has been on my list. Somehow it came up the perfect time, we’re near the end of the hurricane season but it has been raining almost every single day since the beginning of October; this song makes me feel like it’s raining, it is just soothing. In this track he croons to his lover, telling her how much he needs her, reveling in their love. Big up Dj Densen differently, he produced the track, I love the rhythm. Take a listen to Early Morning by Royal Blu.

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Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today I have the song “Skin Toned” for you, it is by Royal Blu & Runkus. This one is deep and I love it. We all come from God…yet we’re judged by our skin tone. Not only the message of this song is important, the word play is on point. I’m also gonna big up the producer, JLL.

Take a listen! Current mood:

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Expression Wednesdays

Hello 🙂

I sat here trying to think of a way to put a phrase into this sentence but in the meanwhile I’ll ask you to take a listen to “Meanwhile” by Royal Blu & Leno Banton. This upbeat track will have you blazing through traffic and dabbin’ at your desk in the office. It was produced by JLL and the artwork designed by Paige Zombie & Khari Kamau.

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Paint Jamaica: Fleet Street Update!

The last time I went to Fleet Street was to learn a bit of Capoeira, this time it was to give some strength and be a background person in Runkus and Royal Blu’s music video, not yet released. While there, I snapped some pics of the new art pieces, unfortunately the sun was jus about setting so the lighting isn’t too great but the pics can work with, also I didn’t get to take photos of everything but I’ll definitely be back soon; without further ado here are some of the newer pieces to have graced Jamaica’s walls. Revisit my very first time at Fleet Street, here.


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Expression Wednesdays

Hey Everyone 🙂

Ask me when I going start a fund me account and buy a laptop?? lol. Anyway,today I will be sharing with you a few songs from different genres that I’ve been listening to on repeat.

Have a great best day of the week!

Featured image from Nicholi Stevens.