Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

This song isn’t new but the music video is, the single was released last year, April. Here is the official music video for “Skin Toned” by Royal Blu and Runkus. These young artistes refreshingly bring up racism, and how hard it is for black people to survive in this world.

The song was produced by JLL, and the music video was directed by Tim Foresta and Thandi Sebe, and produced by Daniel Krause.

“We all come from God…”


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Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today I have the song “Skin Toned” for you, it is by Royal Blu & Runkus. This one is deep and I love it. We all come from God…yet we’re judged by our skin tone. Not only the message of this song is important, the word play is on point. I’m also gonna big up the producer, JLL.

Take a listen! Current mood:

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