Dreamer #TeamME

Team Me
/ti:m mi:/

Team me is self motivation. Team me, is being pro-self, it’s putting measures in place to keep yourself healthy and happy. Whether physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually.

You are your biggest cheerleader, and power source. To reach your goals in life and to be able to break barriers, YOU have to believe in yourself. Piloting through life isn’t easy, as we all can attest. From time to time you may feel down, stressed out or simply overwhelmed by situations in your life, take a break. To help others you need to take care of yourself first. Here are a few things to do to relax and de-stress:

  • Make a nice cup of tea, get cozy and read a novel.
  • Watch some funny videos on YouTube.
  • This one may be strange but clean your room… When I turn on the stereo and get cleaning it helps to de-clutter my mind.
  • Do some yoga, my favourite pose is the Shavasana, especially the part where I start to drift off to sleep.
  • Call up your best friend
  • Go get a pedicure with the bestie.
  • Not trying to fatten you up but go get some dessert, whether ice cream, frozen yogurt, or some cake.

I titled this article “The Dreamer” because that’s me. Ideas float about and I write them down hoping to one day get to it. I’ve taken ‘Team Me’ very seriously lately, and I’ve done something that I’m proud of. I decided to follow my dreams. I’m now a university student, majoring in Journalism. I believe life is too short and too uncertain to stick to the cookie-cutter pattern. Don’t restrict yourself because of fear.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year filled with blessings, love, and fulfilling adventures. Go into 2018 with team me at the forefront of your brain.
Do what makes you happy. Be #TeamME

With that I’ll leave you with my favourite quote:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve always imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau



One Coco: Sugarplum Box

Hey everyone, you’d never guess what happened… I won this box! This Coco was a surprise. I had entered a competition I saw on the Sugarplum Box Instagram page, it was a BLK/OPL (Black Opal) makeup giveaway. I’m subscribed to the Sugarplum Box website, so at the time the instructions could be found in the most recent newsletter. What I didn’t notice though, was that Marsha (Sugarplum CEO) decided to add a Springtime themed box into the giveaway. It was clearly stated in the email but I don’t know how I’d missed that detail.

Some time had passed and the giveaway winner was chosen on Instagram over a live stream by Sugarplum Box. It was done via a website that picks winners randomly, and I was the lucky participant 🙂 Then I gleefully waited until the prize was ready for pickup. I’m not gonna lie, I may be a slight makeup junkie but I try to keep my purchasing minimal. So I was very happy to receive two BLK/OPL cream to powder foundations, two matte foundation powders, and a lipstick. The shades of the products varied but I’ve put them all to good use so far.

Sugarplum box, BLKOPL,Black opal, makeup subscription box, 876Lover, in Jamaica,

In the Ultra Matte Foundation Powders I got the shades Medium Light and Deep. While in the Pore Perfecting Powder Foundations (cream to powder) I received the shades Amber and Heavenly Honey. The gorgeous pink lipstick is in the colour Haute; I kid you not this lipstick makes me feel like a Barbie doll. Take a look below to see what was in the Springtime Sugarplum Box.

Sugarplum Box, Subscription service, Springtime box, 876Lover,in Jamaica,
The Springtime themed Sugarplum Box.


Find out more about the Sugarplum Subscription Box at their website SugarplumBox.com or check them out on Instagram @SugarplumBox.


One Coco: Birthday Box!

Guess what? Sugarplum Box celebrated their 3 year anniversary in November, so the box following that month was of course, the Birthday Box. The boxes were set to be delivered in December (my birth month) so I had to get it; and, by just my luck, I got the Birthday Box on my birthday 🙂

As you can see, from I found out about this Jamaican gem, I’ve pretty much been hooked. I love the idea of subscription services because I like surprises, and I believe one should treat yourself. This box/package has been the biggest one so far 😀 I’ll get to it, this is what we got in the Birthday Box.

Sugarplum Box, Birthday box, suga turns 3, 876Lover, in Jamaica, one coco, subscription box,

Sugarplum Box, Birthday box, suga turns 3, 876Lover, in Jamaica, one coco, subscription box,


I really enjoyed this box, the rum cake was yummy, and the Moscato was divine, no I didn’t have them together! My next fave item was the Coffee Caramel Sauce, I find every reason, and food to put it on. Have you seen all this stuff? You should be on SugarplumBox.com by now; or following them on Instagram at least, @SugarplumBox. Let’s go!


Hello Queen – Black Girl Magic!

Sugarplum Box is Jamaica’s first subscription box service, you can visit their website, here, to learn more. One of my favourite parts of the experience is seeing the email from the Chief Excitement Officer saying “#GetExcited!” that’s when I know our boxes will be shipped soon…and I get excited 😀 I had said the Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box would be my only Sugarplum Box for a while, then I found out the following theme would be the Hello Queen Box…and I had to get it lol! Cheers to buying from Jamaican Businesses! See what my One Coco initiative is about, here.

Well here we go, this is my second Sugarplum Box and I love it! This box is themed Hello Queen – Black Girl Magic. Take a look at the products I got 🙂

Sugarplum Box, Hello Queen, Black Girl Magic, in Jamaica, 876Lover,Subscription Box,

My fave product is the African print necklace, from I got the box I’ve been trying to think of outfits to wear it with lol, look out for a picture of that 🙂 Also follow them on Instagram for updates @SugarplumBox.


One Coco: Sugarplum Box

Sugarplum Box is a Jamaican subscription service, this subscription service is one where you sign up for a month or few, and receive a box containing five or more items. Each box has a different theme and the items would follow the theme. One of the best parts about a subscription service is that the items you’re gonna receive is a surprise, (unless you keep checking for the sneak peeks) you’ll patiently wait for shipping day, and when your box arrives you’ll see all your goodies. This Coco comes with brawta! I got the chance to ask, Marsha McFarlane, the founder of Sugarplum Box, a few questions; read the interview below and view what I got in the box.

◊In what year did you start the business?

The first boxes were sent out in November 2013.

◊What inspired the idea of a subscription box?

The first business Marsha started was Hair Honey; which took off really well, they sold hair products. It was in a time when natural hair was all the rage, and you had to have the products to care your hair, and as many as possible too. Being the innovator that she is, one day her mind was churning, and this question popped up, “What next?” She was inspired by Curl Box, and thought the idea of a subscription box was great. She didn’t want to use hair products though, because it couldn’t be guaranteed the amount of persons that would buy hair products every month, so she decided on a lifestyle box. Hair Honey had as many as 8,000 followers on Facebook so she used her following and brought to them this new product.

◊Did you think a subscription box would take off in Jamaica?

She decided to pursue her idea of a subscription box because those of us here in Jamaica that participate in these boxes from overseas, don’t get the same satisfaction. By the time we get our box we know what’s inside, and it’s less exciting when we finally get it, plus we’ll have the excess expense of shipping fees. (So basically she did it for di yutes so we could get a buss.)

◊Is the “Jamaica Box” annual?

Yes, the Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box is annual…She gave us a tip that soon there will be a “Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box” always available for purchase on the website. That was somewhat the initial plan, to have a Jamaica Box every month but to find different Jamaican made products to switch it up would be hard, and she didn’t want to be monotonous.

◊Does everyone get the same items in their boxes?

Yes, each box contains the same items; with the Sweet Sweet Jamaica-Ova Dweet Edition, the mugs are different colours, and for the Bella Blair CD’s, those were put in boxes at random as a special surprise.

◊Is there any downside to this type of business?

One of the main problems is Jamaica’s economy, and not so much as the clientele but the businesses/manufacturers. They will give a bare minimum to near nothing discount, but  to most of our small local businesses the production costs and margins may be inhibiting. She tries to ensure that you get more than you pay for; one of her goals is to get the Sugarplum Box down to $20USD from its current $39. Truly she tries to get items as affordable as possible, it’s all about passing the benefits to the customers.

For my first Sugarplum Box, I ordered the 2016 Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box – Ova Dweet Edition. It was delivered to my house by Jamaica post, and of course I unboxed it on my Snapchat. I opened it and saw a card listing the items I received and who made them, and another card explaining their uses; I got 8 items and a Bella Blair CD as a bonus item.

Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box - Ova Dweet Edition
Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box – Ova Dweet Edition

I love the Sugarplum Box! I was surprised by the amount of items I got, the box was beautiful…and I’ll enjoy trying the items I’ve never seen before 🙂 I really like the mug, because it was made just for this box, and the fact that a part of the theme is on it, makes it special. P.S. Listen to “Ova Dweet” by Popcaan (Disclaimer: it’s Dancehall.) Sugarplum Box delivers locally and internationally, so head over to their website and sign up! www.Sugarplumbox.com, also follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks, @SugarplumBox.