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Hey, as you all [may] know I’m an accountant, the deadline for the filing of annual tax in Jamaica is March 15th; and until then I’m going to be scarce here on my blog. As you can see I’m¬†still posting a little but I haven’t 

Expression Wednesdays

Hey Everyone ūüôā Today I’m sharing a little information about Rihanna’s song “Work”¬†it’s from¬†her new¬†album “ANTI” the song¬†features Drake. To be honest the song annoys me, not because¬†of the Patois used¬†but because of the choice of lyrics, and at some parts it actually sounds like 

Five & Thrive

A mere five years young
With a vision and a plan
“Thrive,” they say, you’re young.

(A mere five years young, with a vision and a plan.
With a vision and a plan, “Thrive,” they say, you’re young.)

Whenever the younger generation tries to help, our ideas are put aside, but I guess when we’re at the age we’ll be the ones deciding.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Five & Thrive.


Story of My Life

Sitting here trying to bust a rhyme feeling the pressure in the back of my mind, because of this deadline. The chocolate in the fridge is calling ooh that beer,¬†nope, you won’t catch me falling, because of this deadline. I stare in space, trying to